Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Reception

We did not have your traditional wedding reception, there was no first dance, no bouquet toss, no garter toss, no send off, none of that. We did have cake cutting, that the next post! Even though we did not have those traditional things, I loved our reception.

Neither Robert nor I like being the center of attention, and most of those traditional things involve the couple to be on display. Our reception was more of a big party, still too much socializing and being the center of attention for me, but, common, some of that is to be expected with a wedding! I would of been happy sitting at a table with Robert all night, but we both knew we needed to move around and thank all of our guests for coming.

One rule we did make for the reception was to stick with each other as much as possible, I think this was a great rule, other wise I know he would of been hanging out with his side of the family and friends the whole night and I would of been with mine. But this way he got to meet some of my family and friends he had never meet and I got to meet some of his. This is not to say he sometimes got away from me, because he did! But for the most part I could reach out and touch him all night, and that is always good.

Now! On to the pictures!

Thanking all of our guests for coming and telling them to eat! (See, green beans missing?)

Different views of the back yard with the tables and our beautiful lights and poms I made!

The food line.

Robert holding Susannah, love this picture sooo so much.

Robert and I dancing with his niece and nephew, I guess my niece and nephew now too!

No wedding is complete without popping the top off some champagne!

One last view of the yard at night.


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