Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Pins for Friday

Yikes, sorry I have not done these the past two weeks! What can I say, life got in the way and my Thursday nights were occupied with other things. BUT, I am back this week with an AMAZING birthday party theme!

Rainbow Party Theme

I have a few other invites pinned, but this is one of my favorites, I love the striped banner across the top and the colorful name.

What's a party without balloons?! While this is not the best picture of balloons, I love that they have those GIANT balloons mixed in with the regular ones. (Here is a better picture of the balloon garland I would like to do.)

Ruffled Table Skirt
I die.

Rainbow Streamers
This is probably one of my favorite things I have found. I mean you can't get much cheaper than crepe paper streamers. Instead of streaming them like this I think I would try streaming them outside between our wedding lights like this pin, if the weather is nice.

Colorful Drinks
There are so many fun colored/fruit sodas/drinks out thjavascript:void(0)ere these days that putting something like this together would be just a quick trip to the grocery store. Plus, it's pretty, so what if no one wants to drink that last blueberry soda!

It was SO HARD to keep this down to 5 pins, so pleeeeease go check out my full board on Pinterest. I have cakes, outfits and more fun ideas pinned!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

This Texas Baby: 7 Months

Last Sunday my sweet Sadie turned 7 months old. We were out of town so I did not get to take her 7 month pictures, and then I totally forgot about it this weekend and now I am just now writing her 7 month post... sigh.

Honestly, this last month has not been that much different from the month before, but there are a few things to celebrate!
  • This month marks 2 solid months of sleeping through the night! (before this Sadie was waking up around 3 for a bottle pretty consistently, I think kicking the solids up really helped!)
  • Sadie really started getting this crawling thing down, still not 100% there, but SO CLOSE. She is doing this weird scooting thing where she gets up on her hands and knees and moves on knee forward but then brings her other foot forward instead of the other knee, but I think she's just getting it all figured out.
  • Sadie decided it would be really cool to start holding her own bottle. This is a pretty awesome trick if I am running late in the morning, I can lay her down with her head propped up on her Boppy. But I still love holding her to feed her when I can. 
  • Her other new trick is clapping, we call it "clap-clap" super duper cute.
  • We've started having some bouts with separation anxiety, if you can call it that. It's not that she does not want me to leave it's more of a she doesn't want to be by herself aka - where she can't see mommy or daddy or anyone. So that lead to me plopping her on the floor in the kitchen when we get home instead of on the living room floor with all of her toys.
  • The above has lead to the discovery of the dog bowls, which was super cute to begin with but after the 2nd time of her flipping the water bowl up in her face and spilling water all over the floor it became not so cute. After moving Hudson's bowls up onto the counter she discovered Wade's bowls, now the dogs both look at me with hope that I remember to put their bowls back down after she has gone to bed!
Splashing is fun!
We are still being told all the time what a good baby Sadie is and how we are so lucky with her, while that is really nice it's kind of annoying because in the same breath those people say that our next child will basically be a hellion. Hey, thanks for that, jerk, let me be happy with my "good" baby and let me think all our babies will be like this!

Next month: I prepare myself for a week away from my Sadie-Sadie!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty sure Sadie is stronger than me... LAME

Sadie has been mastering this fun new trick over the past few weeks... flipping over as soon as I lay her down on her changing table. On the bright side I have become an expert at putting a diaper on with an ass facing me! First, I have to make sure it's just a pee diaper cause if it's a poop diaper and I try and take it off backward the real people turd (as opposed to liquid only poops) she's been pooping since starting solids is liable to go flying across the room... not that I know anything about that, not at all.

So, if it's a poop diaper I have to start the process of getting her flipped back over and changed. This usually includes some combination of bribing her with multiple toys, standing on my head to keep her distracted, making funny noises and swapping out the toys ever 2.5 seconds so she does not get bored. However, sometimes none of these combinations work. Sometimes I have to resort to brute force. And that's how I learned Sadie is stronger than me. I can have her legs pinned down and girlfriend will get her upper body flipped almost all the way over, she must have a double jointed waist or something. Once I get the poop off I normally just let her flip back over, but sometimes I don't feel like letting my 7 MONTH OLD determine my actions, and I try and change her on her back. Sigh, that normally ends up with me trying to reason with said 7 month old and said 7 month old screaming her displeasure at being on her back.

Robert asked me this, with a huge smile, after one particular epic battle: "Is it bad I'm happy that we know she doesn't like being on her back?"

(but, yes, funny)

Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Pins for Friday

Today's birthday party theme is:

Dr. Seuss Party

Invite Inspiration
I am pretty sure this is not an invitation, but I just love all the colors and papers and balloons!

Party Dress
Oh. My. Gosh. How cute is that dress? I am sure I could get the seller (the dress is from Etsy.) to make a 1 year old version.

Guest Book
This is such a great idea! You have the guests sign the book!

Table Decorations
I think this is a good overview inspiration picture!

What a brilliant idea, cotton candy as the topping!

My ideas on this party theme:
I think this would be a pretty easy theme to roll with. All your decorations just need to be bright blue, red and yellow with some polka-dots and stripes thrown in.  Strew about some Dr. Seuss book on tables and you are good to go! If you want to see more of what I have pinned, and keep pinning, for this theme check out my Dr. Seuss Party board on Pintrest!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Pins for Friday

I have decided it's about time I get to thinking about Sadie's 1st birthday party. Yes! I know she just turned 6 months old but with her birthday being so soon after the holidays I know I will be pressed for time come January and don't want to have to just slap something together. So, over the next few weeks my Friday Pins are going to focus around birthday party themes I am considering for Sadie May, each week = 1 theme. Then, once a theme is decided on I'll let you all in on it and then the planning can begin!

A Sock Monkey Birthday Party

Super cute idea to take a picture of your baby in a sock monkey hat or with a sock monkey and include it on the invite.

Onesie and Party Hat
How adorable is this onesie and party hat? You could get cheap red and brown hats for the rest of the guests and glue a pom to the top of them so they all flow together.

Decorate Your Own Sock Monkey Station
I LOVE this idea, especially if you are going to have lots of kids at your party

Banana Pudding
Need I say more? This is a MUST, in my book, for any Sock Monkey Party!

Table & Favor
This shows a great layout idea for a food table, generally anything brown and red will fit in great. There is a bit too much candy/sweets going on for me so I think I would try and use more red and brown containers. Then, I love the idea of the cookies in a jar for guests to take home with them. Quick, easy and cheap favors are great!

My ideas on this party idea:
I think this theme is pretty gender neutral, which is always nice you can save decorations and use them for the next baby! But if you little girl is a princess you can always exchange all the red for pink, I have been seeing a ton of pick sock monkey stuff lately. Overall, I really like this theme and I like that it's not overly pink and girly, I'm sure I'll get plenty of that in the coming years. If you want to see more of what I have pinned, and keep pinning, for this theme check out my Sock Monkey Party board on Pintrest!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life to Her Years

One of my readers (and Facebook friend, hi Renee!) posted a link that linked to the blog: Life to Her Years: Dad's Tips for Adding Life to a Daughter's Years, and it's flipping fantastic! Here is a sampling of what the blogger posts (click to view the original post):

That first one killed me, I do not look forward to being the mom of a little girl whos dad works out of town (on average) at least 2 weeks a month once she really understand when he is gone. I also do not look forward to being the wife to a husband who is missing his little girl terribly. #95 helps a little though!

I teared up reading through all of these, I am just SO EXCITED for the years to come and to watch Sadie and Robert's relationship grow. Not only that but a lot of these are good reminders for myself to slow down and take things a little lighter, I don't have to be so serious about everything all the time.

Anyways, I just wanted to share so that momma's of daughters out there could share this with their daughter's daddy.

(All images are from Life to Her Years.)