Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Decor!

This is probably going to be my most favorite post out of all of my posts, let's talk about the decorations! I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but I will add in descriptions.

All over the property we had painted wood signs, obvs these two directed guests to the ceremony and reception areas. We also had little arrows directing guests around big rocks, to the restrooms etc. Sadly, what I do not have any pictures of are the signs we put out on our street to lead guests to our house! They were super cute! Matron of Honor Melanie painted them all.

Guests were then greeted with table for gifts, our guest book and our programs/fans. Our guest book was full of envelopes for guests to write us a little note and then seal the envelope with a heart sticker. Our programs were double sided, one side had the wedding party and the ceremony order on it, the other side had the lyrics to our unity candle song and the reading that my Aunt Anita did.

We had another table set up for the cake/cupcakes to go on later but before the ceremony it held these jars filled with snacks. We have pretzels, custom color M&Ms, goldfish and candy corn.

Somewhere along the line I decided I really wanted to do assigned tables. I think that was mostly because I had an awesome idea for table names, famous Texas dancehalls and music venues! Robert and I love Texas County Music and the live music scene, we don't go to near as many concerts as we did when we first started dating, but we still love it. So each table was assigned as a different hall/venue.

Guests would go up to a "ticket booth" and find their name on a ticket that said "Meredith Morton please join the party at Gruene Hall" on the back there was info for uploading pictures to our flickr, which like no one did! I am planning a whole paper products post that will show these in more detail.

We did not have any decorations for the ceremony area, just a table with our unity candle, that we made, on it.

 Different views of our tables. Our table decorations included burlap table runner, burlap wrapped mason jars with flowers, glitter pumpkins and wood log candles, everything I wanted from this post!

Our favors, bottle of homemade vanilla and silverware packets I made.

The set up under the patio, our koozies (also a favor), infusion jars with sweet tea, un-sweet tea, lemonade and sangria wine. Finally our handmade menu board. Matron of Honor Melanie wrote out the spread listing. Funny story, we didn't actually have green beans on the menu! I told her we did for some reason, so she had to run out there and rub it off before everything got started! I felt so bad, everything fit so perfect. We have this hanging up in our dinning room now. I think the next time Melanie comes over I will get her to re-write green beans on there!

And that's it! Let me know if you have any questions about how we did anything, pretty much everything you see was handmade by Robert and I!

PS. Sorry this was a lot wordier than I said it would be!


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