Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Picture Time III

As soon as the ceremony was over we did our couple pictures, below are the good ones.

In front of our fence with the moss letters and poms I made.

Post processed by me, love the vintage feel.

Walking down the street in front of our place.
(This one was Robert's idea! Looks beautiful, right?)

Road in front of our place, you can see the white fence on the left.

I would love the last one about a million times more if it had been about 2 seconds later and we were actually kissing, not just about to. Also, if that dang telephone pole had been photoshopped out. I actually probably could edit it out, I did it on another pose in this same position.

Mmmh, love those 70's colors.

What I do love is that in all of these pictures there were cars. Cars behind the white fence in the first ones, cars on the street of these last ones and our photographer edited them out! I am planning a whole post on post-processing, done by my photographer and done by me that I will probably publish at the end of my recaps.

All in all I am VERY HAPPY with our photos. However, I think looking at so many wedding blogs before the wedding and seeing all the amazing wedding photography out there gave me really high expectations. I wanted like a whole magazine of photos of Robert and I! But, what I have to remind myself is that those people paid for that amazing photography, like my whole wedding budget was their photography budget. I truly do think that with wedding photography you pay for what you get. And while we got some good pictures that I will love for the rest of my life I do not think we got amazing photos. Actually, I take that back. I think we got amazing photos for what we paid for them, and that I am happy with. I plan on Robert and I being together for a long time to come (next 50+ years, please?), which means lots more photos of us, so our life and relationship do not need to be defined by these photos.

Anyways, sorry to get into all of that, but I really wanted to put that out there for any brides that might be reading this. Don't let all those wedding blogs, with their amazing wedding pictures become your standard, keep your eyes open and expectations realistic. It will hurt a lot less in the end.

Ok, I will end on something positive now! What I absolutely love most about all of these pictures, shoot our whole freaking wedding, is that they were taken 20 steps from our front door! That means every day when I step outside, drive through our gate or down our street I am reminded of this amazingly happy day. I would not trade that for anything.


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