Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 trash bags and 2 boxes

That is how much crap I cleaned out of my closet on Sunday. Don't worry it's all going to get donated. But common, 4 trash bags full of clothes and 2 boxes full of shoes. It's a little redic. I was pretty brutal on cleaning out my closet though, I even tackled that stash of clothes every girl has at the back that are "I might fit in these again"... yeah, GONE. I decided I was sick of living with a closet full of "mights". Even if the pants fit me I still tossed them if I was not comfortable in them. I did keep a few things that were on the verge of getting tossed and decided when I wear them, if I hate them they are going straight into a donate pile, no more getting tossed in the hamper to be washed and then hung back up again. The sad part is a lot of the clothes would probably fit me if I lost like 10 pounds. But I know myself and I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon, plus if I somehow manage to lose 10 pounds I will make myself wait and lose 20 before buying new clothes. I have been back down to my pre-pregnancy weight for a while now and I am comfortable with that, so I have decided to start buying clothes for what fits me, not what I want to fit me.

Ok, just a quick post so I can at least say I posted this week!

PS: ReneƩ that commented on my birth announcements, thanks for the comment! I tried to see if you had a blog, I always love to see other peoples paper crafts, but didn't see one, let me know if you have one!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sleep is for the weak

The past week or so Sadie has decided she's had enough with her AWESOME sleeping and that it would be way more fun to wake up twice now during the night and yell-scream (Anyone know what I am talking about when I say yell-scream? It's a fun new trick she's learned.) until someone comes and feeds her. So this means I am pretty much back to sleeping in 3 hour intervals. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not that bad and it could be a lot worse but I'm sorry, I got used to getting around 5 hours of sleep before having to get up for a feeding.

I have a few reasons to think this might just be a phase:
  • She's had a pretty good cold the past week or so, so could be she is waking up because she is all snotty and can't breath until momma comes and sucks the snot out of her nose.
  • I've heard some babies go through a growth spurt around the 3 month mark, if this is the case it should be done by now, right?
On the other hand I think it might be time to start introducing sleep training. We've never had a problem putting Sadie to bed even if she is not asleep when we put her down and even now she can be wide awake after a middle of the night feeding and we'll put her back in her crib and say "peace, sister, you might not need 3 hours of sleep but we do" and she's fine, she might fuss a little but it never turns into crying and within 30 minutes she is out. With all that amazingness I thought we had managed to avoid having to do any sort of sleep training, but I am starting to think she is waking up early during the night not because she is hungry but just because something woke her up. She has slept through the night severl nights (can we talk about how glorious those nights were?) so I know she can do it and it's starved by the morning. I also never associated sleep training as something to use during the night! I always thought it was just for getting babies to go to bed in the first place! Sigh, I probably need to go to a bookstore this weekend.

When she does wake up during the night, is that when I let her cry it out and self soothe? Gah, I would almost rather just get up and go feed her. At least that I can sleep walk through, there is no sleeping with a screaming baby.

Any moms read this and have any advice?

I am weak and I need sleep.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

12 hours

Uh, little Miss Sadie decided to sleep from 6:45pm until 6:30am when I had to go wake her up to get ready for daycare. Can we talk about how EPIC that is? It's pretty epic.

Normally S goes to bed between 6:30 and 7pm then wakes up sometime between 12 and 3am for 20 -30 minutes for a bottle and then goes back down until I wake her up between 6 and 6:30am to get ready for daycare.

I am sure it was just a fluke and wont become the norm anytime soon, but man it sure would be nice if we could repeat it. It was my first full night of sleep since before having her, and it was awesome. I also hope that it's not a sign she is getting sick, I hear sick babies sleep a lot. So, fingers crossed she was just REALLY tired!