Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lets Talk 1st Birthday - Invitations

I would like to unveil my fantastic 1st brithday party invites:

Click to make a little bigger

I'll be the first to admit, I pulled A LOT of inspiration from the invite seen here. But, at the same time, I think I altered everything and put my own spin on it!

My co-worker and friend, Melanie, wrote out the "bright at the sun Sadie is turning one" text. Doesn't she have awesome handwriting?? She also addressed all the invitations for me. I colored and added in the rest of the text in Illustrator and I pulled the sun from a doodles font from Fonts for Peas.

The biggest difference between my invite and my inspiration invite is the fabric backing. It looks like they used just a solid neutral. I knew I wanted a colorful fabric for the backing, I actually had to sew two pieces, wrong side together, to make this, otherwise you would of just been looking at gross wrong side fabric on this side.

I did not hem or fray check the edges, as I like the little threads coming off, but you could certainly do that if you wished. I did learn of the awesomeness that is a rotary cutter during this project, it made cutting out the fabric rectangles so easy and fast! So far everyone has been amazed that I actually SEWED these invitations, but really it was super easy! I didn't try and stay all that straight or even on the sewing, so I think that helped, plus it gives them a little character!

So, what do you all think? Am I crazy for sewing my invites? If so, am I even more crazy for spending two nights sewing ruffled crepe paper streamers?b

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lets Talk 1st Birthday - Outfits

I know you all are dying to see my awesome invitations, which is what I think I promised next, but I still haven't taken a picture of them! I'll try tonight, if Robert isn't forcing me to play the Biggest Loser game on the Kinect! How about we talk about outfits for the birthday instead?

I feel like the HUGE trend right now is for whole birthday tutu outfits, like this:

Or event sets like this are pretty common to come by:

Adorabs, right? While I am not one who normally goes with what the trend is and I typically tend to hate shirts emblazoned with embroidered names on them, I decided to go with it! I figure it probably wont be for very long I ca dress Sadie up as cutesy as I want, so I might as well do it while I can! Especially when there are so many cute options out there! I took inspiration from the following:

We have great children's clothing/embroidery store here in town (Simply Adorable) that is making me a custom shirt with Sadie's name, the number 1 and a sun that matches the invite. I am pretty sure I am going to get them to make a bib to match too. I thought long and hard about making the tutu myself, after all I have made several before for Sadie. But when I saw this one at Target for just $14 I could not pass it up!

You can't really tell in the picture but it's really full and flouncy, which is what I wanted. Remember me talking about not killing myself over this party? This is one of the areas I gave myself some slack, I bought the skirt.

I have no idea what the weather is going to be like in a few weeks, so I will probably put Sadie in leggings but if I could guarantee it was going to be nice warm weather I would probably invest in a pair of bloomers like these:

I die. How cute would that be crawling around the floor all day?

I still have a few things to figure out for the final outfit, for example; shoes! I think I have put shoes on Sadie twice in the past (almost) year, so I doubt I will put any on her for the party, why try and introduce something new then?

Anyways, there you go, my ideas for the outfit for this 1st birthday party!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Talk the 1st Birthday - Food

Deciding on the food was probably the next biggest task I had (still have?) to tackle after figuring out the theme and decorations. I had already talked to Robert and we decided to use one of my co-workers to cater the party. She runs a catering company while working at my office part-time. Now I know this is where some people are going to this I have lost it, catering a one-year-old birthday party, am I nuts? Well, yes and no. Yes, I am nuts, nuts to the point where I am super controlling about things being done a specific way and wont ask for help even if it mean staying up until 5am two nights in a row to get things done the right way, aka my way (hello, week of my wedding). I, at least, realize this and realize how much it stresses me out and how much a stressed out Meredith makes for an annoyed Robert. Because when I get stressed, I get mad and blame Robert for not helping, even if he has totally been helping. Plus, I don't have any family that lives in the area I cold pass along making side dishes or something to help relieve the pressure on me to do it all.

So, I had this grand plan in my head to have a slider bar at Sadie's party. How freaking adorable is that, right? Tons of toppers (hello, teriyaki pineapple!), condiments, a few salads as sides, fruit and chips. But the problem with this is sliders and all those toppings are freaking expensive when you talk about needing enough for close to 40 people! (oooohyeah, we are expecting close to 40 people at this first birthday party, how crazy is that?!? Maybe some of the people we think are for sure gonna comes will turn into not gonna comes and we can get this down to a more reasonable number!) At this point I considered just doing all the sliders myself, but here's my problem with that: making 70-80 little patties sounds like a pain in my ass, not to mention grilling those 70-80 little patties! I didn't want to ask Robert to stand in front of a grill all morning before the party grilling little burgers, plus you never know what the weather is going to be like in February, it could be 80 degrees like it's going to be this weekend or it could be snowing like it did last February! Sliders = out.

Back to the drawing board I went after we axed the sliders idea, but don't worry I am saving the slider bar for a later date, maybe when Sadie is older and has a sleepover party or something. I tried to think of foods that would be easy to make and make a lot of on the cheap. Fajitas were thrown out a few times, but that would still be expensive with all the sides and toppers. I decided I needed to do something super simple with only one or two sides and no toppers, I also decided I need to make something I am pretty confidant Sadie will eat. Well, it seems like Sadie loves tomatoy foods, like spaghetti and spinach lasagna. Lasagna + salad + bread = done!
After deciding on that I talked to my caterer co-worker and she said she could do the lasagnas for a reasonable prince and I would make the salad and pick up loafs of garlic bread from HEB. 

Here is my predicament now, I made a baked ziti earlier in the week and it was SO EASY and FAST. So, now I am thinking what if I just make 3 or 4 pans of ziti the night before and bake them off the morning before the party? Even though caterer co-worker was reasonable on the lasagnas I could probably save a lot of dough if I made them myself and I don't think it would stress me out to make these! 

So, that is the decision before me to make the ziti or buy it!

Sorry for the type heavy post! Hopefully my next birthday post will be full of fun bright pictures!

(While typing this up I got the idea of making 3 different zitis! A regular beef/Italian sausage one, a spinach one and a butternut squash one. You see how I kill myself and stress myself out? My mind is constantly spinning and coming up with a bigger and better idea, I can never be happy with what I have decided and just go with it!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Texas Baby: 11 Months

Do I have to write this post? Maybe if I don't write about it, it wont actually be happening, right? No? Guess that means I better get on with it then...

My sweet, adorable, little Sadiebaby, you are 11 months old today. This time last year, I was huge and pregnant with you and just wanted to meet you! Now I am an emotional mess as your infancy draws to an end. But I wont get into all that today! I'll save it for your big 12 month post!

So over the past month you:
  • Celebrated your first Christmas! It was such a joy having you around for the Holiday's, it made them even more special. You didn't really care much for opening Christmas presents, you just wanted to loop bag handles around your fingers.
  • We're still feeding you the babyfood I made you, but we are also giving you more solids in the form of bites from our plates. You are still an excellent eater, so it's been hard for me to try and change things to get you to start feeding yourself more, but I'm working on it.
  • You are getting MUCH better with your sippy cup at daycare, you still wont take formula out of it, but we are going to be trying a lot harder over the next month to get you off bottles. I can't wait until I can pack all the bottles up!
  • You finally decided it was time for your top teeth to start coming in! One has already broken through and the other is SOCLOSE to breaking through. You are a champ teether so far. Your bottom teeth never bothered you and your top ones don't seem to be either. Hopefully you keep it up when your molars start coming in!
  • You still haven't said any words yet. At least I don't think so! I do think you have baby babble for some words. You'll say "dadadadadadada" over and over again but I don't think you're really relating that to daddy yet. When we are heating your bottle up you'll say "bababa" and point at the microwave. And when we stand at the back door to call the dogs in you'll say "pupupu" and I encourage you with saying "where are the puppies?". You'll say "mamama" every once in a while, but it's super rare and again I don't think you are relating that to me, even though I tell you every day, 15 thousand times, I am "mama".
  • You are starting to walk while pushing toys around the house. Traditional baby walkers don't seem to work that great on our wood floors as they go to fast and you end up falling. But for Christmas we bought you this big toy block thing that you push around a lot. You'll also push around rubbermaid totes, hey, whatever gets you walking!
  • You are still a sleeping champ! You go to bed at 6:30pm and I still have to go in and wake you up at 6:30/6:45am during the week and on the weekends you will regularly let us sleep in until 8:30am and have even been known to extend that to 9:30am.
I feel like there are so many other things I am forgetting from the past month! I am happy I do these monthly updates, but at the same time I find myself saying "oh I need to remember this for the next month" and then I end up missing whatever is going on. Plus, I walks get super emotional and sad while writing these! It's a tough call on if I will do these after you turn a year old. Maybe we will just do an update every 3 months, or just when something big happens!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's Talk the 1st Birthday - Decorations

Since I finally made a decision on a theme for this little shindig I am hosting in a month I've made a few decisions. I decided on what food we're going to serve, I decided on the cake, I've got the invitations thisclose to being finalized (which OMG I can't wait to show y'all, they are absafreakinglutely fantastic!), but that's about it. I am at a huge stalemate on what to do when it comes to decorations. I really don't want to spend much on decorations, since I really am trying to keep this all low-key and not turn it into some over the top event.

Because of all that, I think I have decided to limit the major indoor decorations to a bazillion balloons and crepe paper streamers! I've seen a bunch of balloon garlands like this one:

But lets be honest, that got to be a buttload of work, work that I do not want to undertake. So, I am thinking more along the lines of this:

From what I can tell in order to do this you need to either put a marble in the balloon before you blow it up using helium or just blow them up by mouth and hand upside down. We have REALLY tall ceilings in our living room/dining room, so unless I can convince Robert to climb up on the 12ft ladder and hand a bazillion balloons upside down, I might just to limit this to our kitchen nook/office where all the food will go. Man, that space is already pretty tight though, and these would look AMAZING hanging from our ceiling. Sigh, wish me luck on the ladder front.

I would also love to order a few of these bad boys:

Because, what's a party without 3ft balloons!?!

And I'm pretty sure it's required to have a giant, hot pink, number 1 balloon somewhere in the mix:

As for the streamers, I love the idea of making these ruffled ones

The tutorial seems pretty easy, I think I could just zone out in front of the sewing machine for a night and make a bunch.

I also like the idea of hanging a bunch as a backdrop for people to take pictures in front of, or even where we are planning on opening presents with Sadie:

Our mantle would be the perfect place and we could sit in front of it for present time.

I might have a bit of fabric left over from the invitations so I am considering doing a fabric bunting to go across the windows or even our front porch.

Pinking shears and hot glue would make this a no-sew job, which is always nice.

Ahhh, I am so excited!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh what a year it's been.

(These next few posts are going to go back in time to cover New Years, Christmas and Thanksgiving.)

January started huge... literally!

February brought us this little girl.
With fun faces like this in the hospital.
And a slept through Valentine's Day!
March included a drunk on milk Sadie.
And a rockin mohawk in her one month picture.

April gave us the cutest bunny ever for Easter!
Our first road trip to visit with great-granddad.
And two months of Sadie!

May included me learning to shoot a shotgun.
Rolling over practicing!
And three exciting months!


June brought a taste of cereal, we did not approve!
Lots of puppy kisses!
And four smiely months!

July started out with a patriotic 4th of July!
Another road trip to meet more family!
A visit from friends and Sadie's future long-distance boyfriend.
And, yes, really FIVE months!
In August Sadie graduated to her yellow ducky tub!
And laughed at six months.

September welcomed college football in full force and many months of OU apparel on the weekends.
Sadie discovered the dog bowls and what fun they are!
And seven sweet months for Sadie!

October included our first swing.
A funny trip to the pumpkin patch.
And Robert and I took our first trip away with out Sadie.
(Sorry for the boobage!)

November brought some cooler weather, which meant super cute eared hoodies.
Another trip for Robert and I alone.
And a delicious nine months!

December brought lots of laughs!
Aww at all the Christmas toys
And Sadie wondering when I will stop forcing her into that chair once a month!