Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Picture Time!

We took a few pictures before the wedding, I hated this, and I think you can tell from the forced smile on my face. Later on, when you see the pictures from after the ceremony I look a million times better and more relaxed. There were several things that were stressing me out about taking these pictures, we were outside where people who were showing up early could see me. No one was sticking close for pictures, so I had to holler for people to come over when it was their turn. Ugh, just did not like it. So, therefor I pretty much hate all of my pictures of me by myself, which is so sad! But at least I have a few pictures of just me, I don't have any of Robert! Which I guess is what you get when you only have 1 photographer.

Ick, such forced smile.

This one is better, but maybe that is cause I am not head on!

With matron of honor, Melanie.

With bridesmaid, Shannon.

With maid of honor, Rebecca.

Fake laughing is always believable.

I love this one.

With flowergirl, Susannah.

Aww, love this one too. Hudson had been the main man in my life since way before Robert!

With my dad.

With my mom.

After looking back on these I have decided the ones where I am with someone else are pretty good! It's just the ones by myself that seem so forced. Perhaps it I have an issue with being the center of attention!

Now, it's time for after the ceremony pictures!

Another girl group picture.

The boys doing what boys do.

Robert and his men.
This one is super cute!

The entire wedding party!
(Minus Susannah)

My favorite wedding party shot.

Funny story about that last one... my something blue were tall knee high socks. And when I propped my boot up on that rung, you could see my socks! So the photographer photoshopped my dress down to cover it up in the picture!

Next, family pictures and then our couple pictures!


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