Friday, July 23, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Flowers and Rings

I have a few pretty pictures of my flowers and our rings I thought I'd share.

My bouquet on the cake table, loved it so so much. I remember reading one blog somewhere where the husband got his wife an duplicate of her wedding bouquet every year for their anniversary. Super sweet! (*hint, hint* Robert, if you ever even look at this anymore.)

Love the colors.

Man, love my smokin' hot nails. I loved that red color, it was just an OPI color from the nail salon. I wish I had read what it was so I could get my own bottle of it.

One thing that did disappoint me about my photographer was that they did not take lots of detail shots. For example, I would of loved pictures of my dress hanging outside in our trees, or mine and Robert's boots propped up together somewhere, and detail shots of our rings in cute settings. If you have read any wedding blogs you know the pictures I am talking about. Again, I got what I paid for and I paid for 4 hours of photography. I am sure if I had paid for someone to be there all day I would have had more of those shots. Also, I emailed the main owner of the photography company that I used and asked if I could send over inspiration photos of some things I would like to try and capture. Well he got suuuper offended, at least I took it that way, and pretty much told me it was rude to send another photographers work to your photographer because if you wanted that look you should of hired that photographer. So, I never emailed anything over. It was not the LOOK I was going for but the IDEA. The idea of my dress hanging up somewhere outside, the idea of a picture of my boots, the idea of a picture with me in the foreground and Robert in the background looking at me. See what I mean? I guess by that point I was just tired of it all and gave up.

I did suggest this one, and my photographer looked at me kind of like I was crazy. It was the end of the evening and that look was that look that told me I had not hired what I wanted. As I have said before I am very happy with the photos I have, I am just very sad for the photos I do not have. I think if we had done this photo earlier in the evening, before the candles burned out, it would of looked a lot better .

Whew, can you believe I am almost done with the wedding posts! I think I only have 3 or 4 left!


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