Friday, July 23, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Group Pictures

Robert and I tried to make our way around to every table and get a picture with all of our guests. I later included these pictures (after I edited them) in with our thank you notes.

Robert old roommate (from the house he was living in when we met), Seth, and his dad, Richard.

Friends of my parents, Tindy, her daughter, Nicole, and her husband, Rob.

Friends of my family, Denise, Russell, Brook and Brice. I used to baby sit those girls when they were babies! Denise works for Sisco and help proved a lot of the serving pieces we used.
Jason and Amanda, Robert met Amanda when he was going to school in Waco and then they were roommates for a while in Austin. They got married in April (I think April) of the same year we did.

My friend from college, Melissa and her boyfriend Hunter. I love our prom pose here. Melissa is so much fun and I wish we were able to hang out more!

Robert's friends from Waco Tim and Leslie.

My friend from high-school and freshman year of college, Melanie (next to me) and her friend AJ.

The bookkeeper for my office, Doreen.

My parents next door neighbors, Jennifer and her mom Susan. I used to baby sit Jennifer too!

Friends of my parents Ed and Kendra.

Friends of my family, Sue, she has two girls close to my age that I grew up hanging out with, Diane and Dick.

My friend from high school and college, she's the only reason I even knew SWT, when it was SWT, had a Com Des program!

Friends of my mom's side of the family, Wayne, Lisa, Paige and Kendall.

The Figgs!

The Franks!

Sean and Rebecca.

Josh and Nancy, they are getting married this yeah on 10.10.10, in China! Isn't that awesome?

 Robert's step-great-aunt and uncle and cousins, at least I think that is the correct term! Vicki is Robert's step-dad's, mom's sister. Cody, James, Vicki and Callee.

My aunt Allison, Uncle Paul and one of the twin cousins, Alex, the other twin, Blair could not make it.

My granddad!

My little brother!

Robert with his mom and step-dad.

Robert with his dad.

Robert and I with Darcy and Ryan. Ryan is one of Robert's co-workers and Darcy is his wife. Darcy used to do wedding planning before she became a SAHM, so she offered to help out with the wedding. It was a true blessing to have her around. Looking back on everything I don't know how it all would of come together with out her!

With Robert's step-grandparents, Peggy and Wayne.

Robert's dad wanted this picture with all of his "kids". Clinton and Bambi, Robert and I and Rance.


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