Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Pins for Friday

This Friday I am showing y'all my last big party theme contender:

Sunshine Party
I actually toyed with the idea of calling it a pink lemonade party, but I so love the idea of a "you are my sunshine" themed invite that I am going to call this a sunshine party with pops of pink!

I am absolutely in love with this invitation. The whimsy in the writing is amazing. The envelope liner is awesome. Everything about it I adore. The wording is fantastic "bright at the sun our little zoe is turning one".

Here is another invitation that is pretty awesome too. Bonus the wording is not depending on it flowing with sun!

Party Hat
I love the big yarn pom on the top of this party hat. You could even make some to hot glue to cheapo hats for all the guests.

Remember I said pops of pink? What's better than hot pink balloons?! A good idea would be to attache the streamer to the knot of each balloon.

Again, more pops of pink with the food drinks a flowers. Just a little to break up all the yellow.

There are so many things that can be done with this theme, just searching yellow and pink party on Pinterest brings up so much inspiration! For more on what I have pinned check out my full sunshine party board here.

So, now that I have shown y'all my big 4 contenders be sure to vote on your favorite theme! I added a poll to the side over there that will be up for a week. So, everyone vote! Even you lurkers out there!

Here is a list to the other 3 themes:
Rainbow Party
Dr. Seuss Party
Sock Monkey Party

Of course I am linking up with Kat!


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