Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm leaving mah baby!

Guh, is a mother ever ready to leave her baby for the first time? Oh, I mean I am more than ready to be baby free for a few days. More than ready to have it be just Robert and I for a few days. More than ready to be Meredith for a few days and not Sadie's mom for a few days. But I am less than ready to not see a two-tooth smiling face at me in the morning for a few days. Less than ready to not get to snuggle that little baby against me at bed time for a few days. Less than ready to not get to ruffle her soft blond hair and smell her sweet baby cheeks for a few days.

Perhaps this is why I have been slacking on preparing for this trip. Y'all I have yet to start typing up instructions for my mom next week!! Now, I know my mom would be perfectly capable of taking care of Sadie sans-instructions, but I figured it would be helpful to type up some for how many bottles to take to daycare etc. At the rate I am going I'll be handing Sadie over to her and saying "check ya later'.

I suppose this is what I have all day Saturday for. Well, that and packing.

I think I am also semi-freaking out about leaving Sadie because two weeks ago Robert picked Sadie up from daycare so I could go run some errands and he said he thought she was looking for me all night and she was super fussy for him. Sigh. How I can I leave her for a week when she will be looking for me the whole time?!?! My heart, it hurts. My brain knows that S is going to be juuuuuust fine with my mom. She'll spend the whole week eating peanut butter.*

And, because I need to end this post on a good note, here is a picture of Sadie wearing 32 (because she can't quite master the claw and antlers yet) saying "Let's go Rangers!"

*I have an aunt who mixes peanut butter into Hudson and Wade's dog food when they stay with her, although she will never admit to it. Robert and I just take the don't ask don't tell approach (since we don't feed them people food) so when ever they are going to stay with her we are always like "eh, they'll be fine, they get to eat peanut butter all weekend!" So Sadie getting to eat peanut butter all weekend just means she will be spoiled all weekend!


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