Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Texas Baby: 8 Months

Holy cow, baby girl, you are officially EIGHT MONTHS OLD (well, officially a week ago)!

Is it bad that I want to say how tired I am of doing these monthly posts? I can just never seem to get my act together on time and they end up being late which make me feel bad. But I know in the future you and I will both enjoy looking back through these, so I'll trudge on!

Here are few bullet point worthy events that happened during the last month:
  • You are a crawling machine little one. If I put you down in the living room and go to the kitchen to do something, the second I am out of your site I can hear that pat-pat of your 
  • You are pulling up on ANYTHING YOU CAN, including the couch, cabinets, trashcan, the side of your crib. You're not really taking any steps yet but I imagine that's not to far in the future for us.
  • You can get into a sitting position from crawling by yourself. You do this with one leg bent behind you and if I am not careful you will sit like that for too long and your little foot will start turning purple!
  • Your daddy taught you how to give 5's while you're clap-claping.
  • You started eating chicken and fish.
  • We cut your bottles down to 6ozs (you were getting 8, but generally leaving a few ounces) which has resulted in me having to get up with you in the middle of the night a few times, but I think it's just an adjustment period.
  • We took you to your very first concert! It was during the day on a Sunday and it was at Gruene Hall to hear Pat Green play acoustic. See, your mamma created a new logo for Gruene Music and Wine Fest (not the website though, eeehhh) and her company got free tickets to the Sunday show and since your daddy and I met while Pat Green was playing we decided to try it out. It went pretty good, but it was just too close to your bed time for us to stay the whole time
I know I look cute in my pearl snap and jeans tucked into my boot-socks, but I'm tired!
Peeking in on the show.
  • You and your daddy cheered the Sooners on to another Red River Rivalry victory over the Longhorns.
This next month you get to celebrate your first Halloween and we all get to experience our first week apart (I hope I make it).

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  1. love the pic of her in the little cow-girl outfit! :) Happy 8 months!!!!