Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Pins for Friday

I have decided it's about time I get to thinking about Sadie's 1st birthday party. Yes! I know she just turned 6 months old but with her birthday being so soon after the holidays I know I will be pressed for time come January and don't want to have to just slap something together. So, over the next few weeks my Friday Pins are going to focus around birthday party themes I am considering for Sadie May, each week = 1 theme. Then, once a theme is decided on I'll let you all in on it and then the planning can begin!

A Sock Monkey Birthday Party

Super cute idea to take a picture of your baby in a sock monkey hat or with a sock monkey and include it on the invite.

Onesie and Party Hat
How adorable is this onesie and party hat? You could get cheap red and brown hats for the rest of the guests and glue a pom to the top of them so they all flow together.

Decorate Your Own Sock Monkey Station
I LOVE this idea, especially if you are going to have lots of kids at your party

Banana Pudding
Need I say more? This is a MUST, in my book, for any Sock Monkey Party!

Table & Favor
This shows a great layout idea for a food table, generally anything brown and red will fit in great. There is a bit too much candy/sweets going on for me so I think I would try and use more red and brown containers. Then, I love the idea of the cookies in a jar for guests to take home with them. Quick, easy and cheap favors are great!

My ideas on this party idea:
I think this theme is pretty gender neutral, which is always nice you can save decorations and use them for the next baby! But if you little girl is a princess you can always exchange all the red for pink, I have been seeing a ton of pick sock monkey stuff lately. Overall, I really like this theme and I like that it's not overly pink and girly, I'm sure I'll get plenty of that in the coming years. If you want to see more of what I have pinned, and keep pinning, for this theme check out my Sock Monkey Party board on Pintrest!

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