Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty sure Sadie is stronger than me... LAME

Sadie has been mastering this fun new trick over the past few weeks... flipping over as soon as I lay her down on her changing table. On the bright side I have become an expert at putting a diaper on with an ass facing me! First, I have to make sure it's just a pee diaper cause if it's a poop diaper and I try and take it off backward the real people turd (as opposed to liquid only poops) she's been pooping since starting solids is liable to go flying across the room... not that I know anything about that, not at all.

So, if it's a poop diaper I have to start the process of getting her flipped back over and changed. This usually includes some combination of bribing her with multiple toys, standing on my head to keep her distracted, making funny noises and swapping out the toys ever 2.5 seconds so she does not get bored. However, sometimes none of these combinations work. Sometimes I have to resort to brute force. And that's how I learned Sadie is stronger than me. I can have her legs pinned down and girlfriend will get her upper body flipped almost all the way over, she must have a double jointed waist or something. Once I get the poop off I normally just let her flip back over, but sometimes I don't feel like letting my 7 MONTH OLD determine my actions, and I try and change her on her back. Sigh, that normally ends up with me trying to reason with said 7 month old and said 7 month old screaming her displeasure at being on her back.

Robert asked me this, with a huge smile, after one particular epic battle: "Is it bad I'm happy that we know she doesn't like being on her back?"

(but, yes, funny)


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