Monday, September 19, 2011

This Texas Baby: 7 Months

Last Sunday my sweet Sadie turned 7 months old. We were out of town so I did not get to take her 7 month pictures, and then I totally forgot about it this weekend and now I am just now writing her 7 month post... sigh.

Honestly, this last month has not been that much different from the month before, but there are a few things to celebrate!
  • This month marks 2 solid months of sleeping through the night! (before this Sadie was waking up around 3 for a bottle pretty consistently, I think kicking the solids up really helped!)
  • Sadie really started getting this crawling thing down, still not 100% there, but SO CLOSE. She is doing this weird scooting thing where she gets up on her hands and knees and moves on knee forward but then brings her other foot forward instead of the other knee, but I think she's just getting it all figured out.
  • Sadie decided it would be really cool to start holding her own bottle. This is a pretty awesome trick if I am running late in the morning, I can lay her down with her head propped up on her Boppy. But I still love holding her to feed her when I can. 
  • Her other new trick is clapping, we call it "clap-clap" super duper cute.
  • We've started having some bouts with separation anxiety, if you can call it that. It's not that she does not want me to leave it's more of a she doesn't want to be by herself aka - where she can't see mommy or daddy or anyone. So that lead to me plopping her on the floor in the kitchen when we get home instead of on the living room floor with all of her toys.
  • The above has lead to the discovery of the dog bowls, which was super cute to begin with but after the 2nd time of her flipping the water bowl up in her face and spilling water all over the floor it became not so cute. After moving Hudson's bowls up onto the counter she discovered Wade's bowls, now the dogs both look at me with hope that I remember to put their bowls back down after she has gone to bed!
Splashing is fun!
We are still being told all the time what a good baby Sadie is and how we are so lucky with her, while that is really nice it's kind of annoying because in the same breath those people say that our next child will basically be a hellion. Hey, thanks for that, jerk, let me be happy with my "good" baby and let me think all our babies will be like this!

Next month: I prepare myself for a week away from my Sadie-Sadie!

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  1. In October I'm going on a girls trip and will be away from Maggie for 3 nights. I'm already freaking out! I hope I don't lose it. :(