Friday, February 5, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Night Before & Morning Of

When I left off we were wrapping up dinner. Myself and my bridesmaids were staying the night at an Inn in town, so we headed over there.

Now, until about two weeks before the wedding I was dead set that I would be staying out at the house the night before the wedding. A lot of this was because I really felt like I needed to be there to set things up. I figured Robert and the boys would go to some bar and watch the football game and once they headed back to the house I would quit setting up and go get ready. I have control issues. The whole time Robert kept telling me no, no, no you need to go stay somewhere you don't need to come out here until it's time to walk down the aisle. I am not really sure when or why I gave in. Maybe it was after hearing from lots of other people that I needed that morning to just relax (Relax! Were they crazy?! I wouldn't know what was going on! Who would take care of everything!!), maybe it was once I really decided to trust Darcy and let her do her job, maybe it was once I realized Robert wasn't going to give in. I don't know, all I know was that I found myself making a reservation at the Prince Solms Inn.

We stayed in the Jack Coffee Hays Room. There was one queen bed and a loft with two full size beds. I decided I would rather sleep in the loft in a bed by myself than have to share a bed. Even though I felt like the ceiling was going to crush me! Look at how short it was:

Did I mention the Inn has a piano bar under it? Just right across the courtyard from our room? No? See:

So after sitting around chatting for a little bit (and Shannon falling asleep!) Melanie, Rebecca and I decided to go over and check it out.

Being pregnant is veeerrrrry tiring! (Or so I'm told.)

Hanging out at the piano bar. It was neat, but smokey and had lost of pictures of neekid ladies on the walls.

I have heard and read about so many brides not being able to sleep the night before the wedding but I am happy to say I did not have that problem! I would say we got back to the hotel room around midnight and probably stayed up talking in the dark until about 1 or so. The next time I opened my eyes it was 8:45am. I was the only one awake so I go up and went and took a nice relaxing bath. I was happy I didn't need to wash my hair (day old hair holds a style better!). After everyone got up we headed over and got breakfast that the Inn provided. It was delish. Then we headed over to the nail salon!

Getting ready to leave!

Since I had been banished from the house until around 2 I knew we were going to need something to do to keep us busy. What better way than to go get pedicures! Pretty much all the ladies involved in the wedding or on my side or Robert's side went. I think there were about 10 of us! It was a lot of fun to sit and talk to all the ladies on Robert's side of the family. Mostly it was a lot of fun to just sit and relax.

See? Relaxing with the hot towel around my neck. That's Roberts sister next to me.

My maids (minus Rebecca, who is taking the picture) and I getting beautiful toes.

The best part about the place we went was that they had mini-pedicure chairs that looked like bears for little girls. They were perfect for my cousin/flowergirl and Robert's niece.

What were the boys doing during all of this? Well, I don't have any pictures of it, but from what I heard Darcy had them working their butts off! Later I heard she had them setting up chairs, folding napkins, staking signs and setting up the sound system. Everything but watching that oh so important football game! My aunt told me that when she went over there Robert was standing in the front yard looking holding a beer and looking lost. She asked him why he wasn't in the house watching the football game and he said "I can't, they kicked me out. It's my wedding day and I can't even watch my Sooners." or something along those lines. I about died laughing. If only he had let me stay at the house he would of been able to watch his football game!

Looking back I am so glad Robert kicked me out of the house, I think I would of been a frazzled mess had I been there all morning! Plus I got to get some kicking nail polish, which you'll see later on.

Next: Getting ready!


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