Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Girls Get Ready pt II

While I was getting ready, what were all the other girls doing?

Melanie was drawing out the menu chalkboard.

There was lots of hair spray going around.

Melanie helped out on more make up.

Haha, poor Shannon had to iron on the floor!

Rebecca got my mom, who is an amazing bow tier, to tie her sash into a bow.

My flowergirl showed up and I gave her her bag of goodies!

Her momma got her shoes on her.

About the flowergirl dress...
I had a lot of debate with my self over the flowergirl dress and what I wanted, you can ready about it here. I didn't go with any of the dresses I linked to but I did get one from the Briar Patch, which I linked to. I loved her dress. I am 100% happy with the way it matched my dress in color but matched my maids with the sash and the brown.

Up next, Robert and I exchange gifts!


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