Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Rehearsal and Dinner

About the time I got done showering and getting ready all the family was starting to show up along with my other two bridesmaids.

They gave me a practice bouquet that Shannon had made.
(Don't ask about the face.)

I somehow ended up with all the ribbons and bows from my bridal shower at my house, so Shannon had to improvise! But I loved it! It even had a cute little veil on it!

While we were doing that, this is what Robert was doing.

Then Darcy got us all lined up.

There go the boys.

Then Robert's mom and stepdad.

Then my mom and brother.

There goes Shannon.
(She's about four months prego here!!)

Then Rebecca.

Then Melanie.
(See, I am not the only one with the weird faces!)

ADORABLE flowergirl, Susannah.

My dad and I have a moment together.

Haha, then we go!

Everyone all in their places.

Running through the ceremony.

After all that was done everyone headed into town for dinner. I can not tell you how hard figuring out rehearsal dinner was! I had my heart set on having it at the Gristmill, but after calling and finding out having a private part there would be almost as much as what we were spending in the wedding, I decided to look else where. Then I ran into the problem that not one of the restaurants I called would book a private party for a Friday night! I guess that is part of living in a small tourist town, all the restaurants want the tourists money.

I finally went by Pat's Place one afternoon and asked about a private party. The manager I talked to said that they did not take private parties either, but that have a large back room that they hardly ever seat on Friday nights. He said that if I just called about 30 minutes before getting there they would work on getting that room ready and clearing it out if anyone was in there. This turned out pretty good, we only had to wait about 20 minutes before getting seated. We had ONE WAITRESS for about 20 people, but she was amazing! The food was great and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I am very sad that this is the only picture of Robert and I together after he put on "nice" clothes.

Next, I'll show you where I spent the night and what I did the morning of the wedding!


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