Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Girls Get Ready pt I

Once we got done at the nail salon we headed out to the house to start getting ready. I would say it was around 1 by this time, so that gave us about 4 hours to get ready. Plenty of time! When we got to the house I notice that my Aunt Anita was already there. I thought this was a little weird because she was supposed to be at the hotel while my flowergirl, her daughter, was taking a nap. After the boys all got ran off so we could get in the house my aunt pulled me aside and said something along the lines of "ok, I don't want you to freak out but Joni isn't here yet and she's not going to make it until the wedding starts." Joni, is my other aunt who was going to be doing my hair. I had even gone up to Arlington a few months before the wedding to do a trial run and everything. Joni suffers from horrible, horrible migraines. Apparently the morning of the wedding she woke up with one and instead of her and her family leaving to drive down here she had to go back to bed and sleep until like noon before they could leave. She called Anita crying because she felt so bad and didn't want to leave me in a lurch with no one to do my hair. I was not worried at all, I had a room full of girls who would not let me go walking down the aisle with bad hair. I was more worried that Joni wouldn't make it to the wedding at all! (Thankfully she did make it.) Anita was around when I went up to Arlington for the trial run, we had notes and photos, so we were good to go!

Funny side note about this story, since Anita was already here when Joni called her Anita did not have the curling iron or styling products that Joni was going to bring with her. So while Anita and Susannah were getting their nails done, Anita's husband was sent with a list of stuff to buy at Target! That's love.

Really, I don't know what is wrong with me.

I make the goofiest faces in photos.

It's redonk.

Anita started working on my hair. At this point we were waiting on my other aunt, Allison, to show up. Allison used to work in a hair salon and always has very well coiffed hair. I felt realy bad about all this. Allison and her family lives in Virgina and flew into Dallas the day before the wedding and then borrowed her sisters car to drive down here on Saturday. When Paul, my uncle, called Anita and told her their were on their way he asked if she needed anything and she said, "Allison, I need Allison, just Allison" and told them what all happened with Joni. My Uncle dropped my Aunt off at our house before they went to the hotel room and everything! She completely got ready at our house. Now, I think my hair would of ended up fine with just my maids and I working on it, but with Allison there, it turned out amazing!

This is one of the few good pictures of have of my hair without the veil.
I'm in the middle with my back to the camera.

At this point I started on my makeup.

Then Melanie came in to finish up the eyes and blush.

Now it's time for the veil!
I love this picture, I love how both my aunt Allison and I are laughing.

Looots of hairspray!

Gotta make sure it looks right!

I originally bought a birdcage veil with the idea of wearing it stuck in the bun but coming up over the top of my head. As soon as Allison saw it she said "you could wear it like a snood." Huh? Snood? Bless you? Once she showed me and everyone else in the room what she was talking about we all agreed that was a great idea! And it would help my hair flower stand out more!

Veil is from the Esty shop of AnnMarieBridal.
Hair flower is from the Etsy shop of allorahandmade. (She custom made it for me!)

Up next all the other ladies get ready!


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