Tuesday, June 23, 2009

October 17th, 2009

See that up there, that's my wedding date. Supposed to be the most important day in my life, well after I was born.

Know what else that date is?

Here, I'll give you a hint:

Yup, that's right. I am getting married the same day as the Red River Shootout. Now, I am sure those of you from the Texas/Oklahoma area are fully aware of this EPIC event. Those of you who don't well around these parts this is probably bigger than the Superbowl and the College Football National Championship game, combined. Friendships have been broken up over this, people!

How did we come to decide on this date you ask? Well, way back at the beginning of our engagement, before we bought a house and before we decided to backyard wedding it, we looked at several different venues. Almost all of these venues were booked all of October except for October 31ts (Halloween, so kind of understandable) and October 2nd. We decided there HAD to be something going on that weekend in Austin to cause all these venues to be open. The first thing Robert suggested was Texas/OU weekend since that falls in early-ish October. Unfortunately after googling and googling "texas ou weekend 2009" and other variations, nothing came up! So being the smarty that I am I googled "october 2 2009 austin tx" and what pops up? Oh yeah, this little thing:


Maybe you've heard of this? If not, go here to read the Wikipedia on it. With the likes of the Beastie Boys, Dave Mathewes Band and Pearl Jam headlining and TONS of other great names palying over three days I can see why no one in Austin was planning a wedding for October 2! Not only would they probably rather be there but getting hotels for out of town guests would be CRAZY.

At this point we kind of stopped looking at venues and concertrated on house hunting. Once we started talking about the wedding again we kept coming back to October 17th. Robert really, really, really liked the idea of having something for him and all of his guys to do the day of to stay occupied, which I thought was great. We have yet to decide if they are going to just stay at the house in the living room while the girls and I are holed up in the master bedroom or if they are going to go to a bar or what.

I have two hopes though.
One: Robert does not get too drunk. Which I really don't think he will. He is not much on that anymore.
Two: This does not happen:

'cause as much as Robert loves the state of Texas, he hates him some Longhorns. And, I do not want to have a grouchy Robert because OU looses. So, you better believe I will be cheering for OU with all my heart.


  1. Oh wow, we had to totally re arrange our wedding in 2007 because of the Red River Shootout! (My husband is a Texas alum....psst! please don't tell your hubby.)
    At that point, it was on October 6th, so we had to settle for getting married on October 13th. I don't look forward to the day when my anniversary is on a Friday.

  2. Heather - Haha, well OU did lose, so I guess in theory he was sad. But I heard later on that he was so busy that day that he he hardly had anytime to watch the game!

    Christina Lee - That is too funny that yall had to rearrange it! Robert thought that it was going to be this great relaxing thing to do before the ceremony and he hardly got to see it.