Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Pins for Friday

Today my pins are centered around DIYs for Sadie-cakes. Rumor has it that hubs is going to be out of town for pretty much the next two months so I need some tasks to occupy my evenings, there's only so much house cleaning (psh!), book reading (hunger games series) and bad tv watching (big brother) I can do before I've had enough. I'm linking up with Kat again, so go check out her Friday 5 (pretttty funny today)!

Bandanna Dress
I imagine Sadie is still a smidgen too little for one of these, but I can make a bunch and stock-pile them for next spring/summer. It will be super cute come fair/rodeo time. BONUS: it can double as a tunic as she gets taller.

Hankie Dress
Same idea as the bandanna dress, but a bit cleaner. There is an antique store right by my office, I will have to search it for cute hankies one day at lunch! 

Reversible Tunic/Dress
This one is a little more ambitious for me, but I love that it's reversible and again can be a top as Sadie gets taller.

Different Hair Flower/Bow Tutorials
I'm not huge on putting stuff on Sadie's head, mainly because I hate having crap on my head, but I think ONE of the 4 on this one would be ok.

Baby Glam Necklace T
How freaking adorable is this? And get this, it's fabric paint, no buttons or beads to get yanked off and choked on!

Easy No-Sew Tutu
Go look at this tutorial, for reals, so easy! Even an un-crafty person could pull this off!

Hmm, have you been counting? That was totally 6, oh well, I just couldn't narrow it down!
Got any other tutorials I should consider adding to my list?


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