Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Pins for Friday

Orange Sauce for Orange Chicken
I love Panda Express' Orange Chicken so I've always wanted to try making it at home but with non-breaded/fried chicken. This orange sauce sounds like a pretty good match!

Family Tree Finger Print Christmas Card
I'm not really thinking about Christmas cards yet, but how cute would this be to do a few years down the road when we are done have kiddos. We could even include a paw print from the dogs!

Painted door mat
I don't love the chevrons, but I do like the tutorial for painting the rug. We have a rug just like that by our back door that is supposed to help keep the dogs from tracking so much dirt in.

Source: None via Meredith on Pinterest

Baby in a Pumpkin
How freaking adorable is this? I HAVE to do this with Sadie come Fall.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Nutella Pretzel Twix Bars
Now, I am not a huge Nutella fan, so I would probably replace that with some creamy peanut butter, yummm! Nothing better than that pretzel,  peanut butter, chocolate combo!

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  1. I just got into the whole pinterest world. And the pinterest iphone app. Now I can't stop!!!!