Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation Help

Y'all... I need help. I am trying to plan a trip for Robert and I in October for our anniversary. We're planning on being gone for 4-5 days.


I have a very small list of places we've tossed around, but I am having a devil of a time making a decision. At first we wanted it to be somewhere within driving distance (10 hours max), but I think we are open to flying. We are not planning on bringing Sadie with us, so once we get everything figured out, and before we book anything, we'll talk to family about watching her.

Here is our list:
  • New Orleans - This has been our top contender, bu neither one of us is 100% sold yet. Plus, I can't decide if I want to stay in a nice hotel close to the action or find a b&b farther away, too many options!
  • Las Vegas - Pretty sure this one is out because we want to plan a trip with friends for next year.
  • New England somewhere - We don't really have fall in our part of Texas, so I would LOVE to see actual leaf color changing.
  • Washington DC - We have family that lives right out side of DC so we could probably stay with them, but then I think I would feel bad not bringing Sadie!
  • Florida Keys - Again, pretty sure this one is out because of cost. Robert would really want to spend the whole time fishing which is not cheap.
Annnnd that's all I have. So, to the ever so small number of people that read this (I love you!), got any suggestions? Have any thoughts about the above mentioned places? Or any other ideas that might be within driving distance?

I'll keep everyone posted with what we decide to do!


  1. Josh and I stayed in a little B&B in Marblehead, Mass a few years ago and it was really close to Cape Cod, Salem, Boston, etc. We had a GREAT time!

  2. As far as NOLA and Florida, will that still be in hurricane season, or is that season over by that point? Something to think about. I really want to go hide out in a cabin in Colorado where it's COOLER! :-)