Monday, June 13, 2011

This Texas Baby: 4 Months

Does anyone know where the last 4 months of my life has gone? I mean really, how in the world has it been 4 months since Miss Sadie arrived? Robert and I were talking about it at lunch yesterday and how it's "It's ONLY been 4 months?" and "It's ALREADY been 4 months?" at the same time. Everything is going by so fast yet we both feel like she's always been here.

Speaking of lunch yesterday... I had been wanting to eat at Clear Springs for a while now, it's a catfish place and I'm not big on seafood, but I love their onion rings and I'm not big on onion rings either! Annnyways, we get there and Robert is getting Sadie out and I go to grab the diaper bag... which isn't in the truck. Well, we had just feed and changed her before we left the house so we decide to chance it and at least eat lunch as it is at least a 30 minute drive back to our house. Lunch was delish and Sadie slept most of the time, so we decided to push it even more and run to the grocery store! Thankfully Sadie did great and didn't have a poopy diaper blowout or start screaming her head off for food. But I was stressed the whole time, did not like. It was totally my fault the diaper bag was left at home, I don't think I'll be making that mistake again!

On to Sadie at 4 months (yea, I know I never did 3 months, my life lacks order so bad at the moment it's driving me bonkers). Sadie greeted turning 4 months old by rolling over, in fact she tried to roll off the examining table at the doctors office! She had been doing tummy to back rolling for a while now, although lets be honest I think 90% of that was her noggin outweighing the rest of her that it just naturally forced her over! She had been trying sooo had to go from back to tummy the past few weeks but just could not figure out how to get her arm unpinned, but she finally figured it out on Friday... at daycare. Apparently she was in her crib and really wanted to get to the toy attached to the side of her crib and that motivated her enough to get all the way over. Here's my question... do I want the daycare to tell me about these milestones my kid hits while there or live in ignorant bliss until she does it around Robert or I and think that is the first time she has done it? But she repeated this trick for us several times over the weekend one time being during a nap, which make me freak out that she was going to suffocate herself! Poor baby is so congested you can hear her breathing through the monitor, so I managed to keep from going in there to roll her over.

The drs appointment went well, she weighed in at 13 pounds 2.5 ounces (30-something percentile) and 25" long (75ish percentile). My doctor said she has just been having an allergic reaction to something the past few months (baby girl has been congested and snotty since before Easter) and that since it was not clearing up we should start her on the generic version of children's Zyrtec. We were also given this cute little dude to take home with us:
Pediatric Nebulizer

Hopefully doing breathing treatments as needed with this and the Zyrtec will help clear Sadie up. I feel terrible medicating my 4 month old baby, but she's been so snotty and congested for half of her little life, it's time to try something else than what I have been doing.

We were also given the ok to test out rice cereal "for fun" over the next two months. On Sunday we sat Sadie down in her Bumbo on the dining room table with a tablespoon of Earth's Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal mixed with 4 tablespoons of formula annnnd decided we are going to try again next weekend. She still has a pretty strong tongue thrust reflex so she just pushed the spoon out and any cereal that did make it in just oozed out the sided of her mouth. To be honest I didn't think she was ready, she hasn't shown any interest when we are eating (granted, we don't eat much around her) or our food but I figured it would still be good to start testing the waters.

Maybe one day I will actually post pictures. I promise my kid is cute. Click on that Facebook link over there on the right and add me as friend, I tend to actually post pictures of Sadie on there, although I promise not to clog your feed with "looooook at how cute my kid is posts".


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