Friday, January 28, 2011

The time my baby got scared and I felt her jump in my belly...

This morning my office hosted a Smoothie Day for our clients. Mostly just an excuse for our boss to socialize and the rest of us to not work until after 9. Except for our part-time traffic lady who was making all the smoothies! Anyways, I got to work a little before 7:30 like normal and was sitting in our kitchen talking to my boss and traffic lady and our first smoothie person showed up. Well, when traffic lady turned the blender on I felt the baby jump in my belly! It must of scared the crap out of her to startle her that bad! It was the craziest feeling ever. I hope she is doing ok in there and not just petrified now, she has been pretty quite on the movement front today. But maybe she is just curled up in even more of a ball hiding from the scary noises, I know I would be!


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