Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disappearing Belly!

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Over the last few weeks I have noticed that when I get up in the morning I barely look pregnant! It's super weird and makes me long for my pre-baby belly (hey! I think I have hit that stage where I just find my belly to be in the way all the time!). So, I decided to play a fun game and take my picture and measurements last night and first thing this morning. (These are the fun things I do with Robert is out of town for the week. Well, this and google things I would probably not be allowed to google if he was home, he banned me from googling about pregnancy stuff anymore, did I tell you that?) Holy difference, Batman! I am 4 inches smaller around in the mornings! That is a lot of stretching my belly has to do during the day.

Apparently this is a pretty common thing, at least from googling (so would not of passed Robert's googling ok...) it seems like lots of ladies have mentioned this same thing. But no one really said what caused it, some said it was from eating during the day or just bloating. For me, I think it is because I tend to still sleep on my back a lot or when I am on my side it is more my side/back. So, baby settles herself down into my body cavity and doesn't fall out of it until I have been up for a while. That makes the most sense to me, with gravity and all, but who knows!

Anyways, just wanted to share one more fun and weird thing about pregnancy I have encountered!


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