Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Texas Baby: Week 36 Check-In

BABY'S TASK FOR THE WEEK: Ok, baby girl, we need to have a talk here... It looks like you are measuring a good 2-3 weeks behind where you should be! In fact you don't even weigh 5 pounds yet, and you should be pushing the 6 pound mark. So, the ONLY task I am giving you this week is to PUT ON WEIGHT! 

As, you can guess, I had my ultrasound yesterday and the u/s tech guesstimated that I am actually only 33-34 along, not 36. This is based off your measurements and guesstimated weight (4lb 11oz). Well after that little shocker I went to work and googled like a mad person! Turns out, if I am due 2 weeks later (February 22 vs February 8) that would of put conception right around the beginning of June. Well, that is just not possible! I say that because I got a positive home pregnancy test on June 1st and it's at least two weeks before you can get a positive home pregnancy test, right? Granted my due date/conception date has always been off, if you go based on my last period, which I think a lot of places do, I should be at 39 weeks right now! And my period was over 2 weeks late before I got that positive, any test I took before that was a negative. Ultimately I am just going to have to wait until next Tuesday when I see the doctor to figure out what is going on. Thankfully the u/s tech said that you looked good, we even got you see your sweet face! I figure if there had been any cause for concern she would of sent us to the emergency room or contacted the doctor immediately.

SYMPTOMS: I am one hot momma! Literally. I am hot all the stinking time. I do not envy those moms that have to go through these last few months during the oppressive Texas summers. I have had to run my ceiling fan at work, all while the heater is running and my coworkers are complaining of being so cold. I barely let your daddy turn the heater on at night, he swears this is "the coldest winter of my life", I think he is over exaggerating. I sleep in a tank top and underwear and still end up kicking the covers off! Thankfully today is a nice cold day, the coldest day of this winter season so far (according to the news this morning)! It's only 33º right now! So, this afternoon, when I really start to get hot, I can go for a walk outside and get nice and cooled off.

CURRENT MOOD: On one hand I am super glad I am not due 2-3 weeks later, at least by my calculations, that's like almost a whole 'nother month of being preggers! But on the other hand I am pretty concerned about you being so small and want you to stay inside me as long as you need to plump up. Maybe you are just supposed to be a small baby, shoot, I was barely over 5 pounds when I was born, so maybe you are just taking after me. The u/s tech did keep saying "there is not much room in there!" like she was surprised, maybe I have a small uterus and you are like a fish and only grow to the size of your home! For the next week I am not going to stress myself over this!
I did get some good news, I am GBS negative, so that means no hook up to an IV as soon as I get admitted to the hospital!

THIS WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY FINISHED HOMEWORK: I made about half of the casseroles/dishes to freeze for after you get here. Our freezers are getting so full! I hope I have room for the rest of the meals. I think I have about 14 recipes I plan on making them, and a few of them make 2 casseroles. So, if I estimate 6 meals per dish that means your daddy and I will have dinner for 42 to 48 nights! I hope I did my math right on that, seems like a lot more meals that I was expecting!

NEXT WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY HOMEWORK: Ok, hospital bag HAS GOT TO GET PACKED THIS WEEK! Also, your daddy picked up some lists at Babies R Us over the weekend, such as, what to have in the diaper bag and medicine chest, and he really wants to get those done with this weekend too. So, sounds like I have lots of packing and list checking off ahead of me!

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  1. Depending on how often you were testing, I would say take the date of your first positive pregnancy test and add call that 4 weeks pregnant. You can't go on last menstrual period all the time because you could have ovulated late (like many women). Oh, and you CAN get a positive as soon as 8 days after conception. I've seen it happen! I got mine 10 days after.

    Anyway, none of that really matters, but it may help you with your calculations.

    Also, those measurements can be way off. They told my sister she was going to have a 9 lb baby and he was 6 lbs 13 oz. That can go in the other direction too, so no worries!