Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Oh 2010, you were full of lots of ups and downs, but you definitely ended on a high note!

Early in 2010 I decided to go off the pill so Robert and I could "just see what happens.." Remember the ever personal IM where I told him I did this:

In March we celebrated being homeowners for a full year! We treated ourselves to an nice dining room table to mark the occasion. And we bought a heard of chickens. Haha, not really a heard, I don't even know what a heard of chickens would be called. We bought 19 chickens for eggs and we still have all 19, despite my best efforts to freeze them the day we bought them and dropping them a few times!

Then in April we went on an amazingly fun cruise for our belated honeymoon. We had so much fun on it and visiting Mexico, Jamaica and Grand Cayman, I really want to go on another one!

In May, well what can I say about May... In May I got pregnant. Let's just say it was a bit of a shock. I was not expecting it to happen to easy and fast. Now I feel incredibly blessed that it happened so easy and fast after reading/hearing so many stories of couples trying for years.

At the end of June I turned 27, which for some reason freaked me out a little bit. Lets hope there is less of a freak out next June!

With July came a trip to South Fork, Colorado with Robert's family for the 4th. Colorado is BEAUTIFUL in the summer, it was such a nice break from the oppressive Texas heat. In July we also started telling people about the baby! It was a very busy month, driving all over the state to let all of our family know, but it was so worth it to see their faces!

August brought us fresh eggs from our chickens, finally! It is still exciting to go out there everyday and see how many we have.

September was a month of waiting! Waiting to find out if we were going to be having a boy or a girl! When we found out it was a girl at the end of the month I was a little bummed, even though I am pretty sure I knew it was going to be a girl, I was still hoping for a boy for some reason. Robert was just relieved to find out the baby was healthy. By the way, I am totally excited about having a girl now! Can't imagine it any other way now.

We celebrated our first anniversary in October. Want to know how we spent our 1st anniversary? On the 1-35 corridor! Robert spent a lot of time during October in Arlington for the Rangers playoff games and it just so happened that one of those games was the Saturday of our anniversary weekend. And me, being the AWESOME wife I am agreed to let Robert go while I hung out with my family. Maybe next year we will be able to take a little weekend get away trip to make up for it.

November was the moth of football games! We went to the OU/Tech game in Norman, my first ever collage football game. It was pretty fun. While there we bought our first piece of baby clothing!

We also went to the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game, which was a lot of fun too. Plus it was crazy seeing the new Cowboys Stadium!

December was a crazy month of parties, shopping and visiting family. The month started off with my baby shower (which I promise to show pictures of one day!). Then the rest of the month was spent Christmas/baby shopping. Oh, we also bought a new truck during December! The end of December had Robert and I ringing in the new year at home, with just the two of us and turning the lights off at 12:02. I think my third-trimester tiredness is contagious!

All in all 2010 was a phenomenal year! I mean we had cruises, baseball games, trips to Colorado, 1 year anniversaries, football games and chickens. But lets not forget that the majority of the year was dominated by my belly and the baby growing in it.

I hope 2011 lives up to 2010 if it doesn't beat it. I have a feeling 2011 will bring more time at home, a lot of learning and a lot of stress and I am so excited for it all. I know at this point I should mention what my resolutions are for the year, but I figure my world is going to be turned upside down in about a month so there is no point in making resolutions. I will however share a few things I hope to start/accomplish this year:
  • Get better at meal planning, I feel this will be essential with a baby if I want to maintain any sort of healthy diet. I am going to try and pick out a few "easy" meals every month that I can ask Robert to make so that all the cooking does not fall on me or on me with Robert's help.
  • Learn more about my dslr camera and how to take pictures with it, I want some amazing photos to document my new family.
  •  Relax, stay calm and enjoy what the year has to bring!
Note: sorry there are not more photos, I just had to pull what I have on my facebook!

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  1. Great post!! We have so much in common! :)

    Can't wait to see pics of your baby shower!