Monday, March 15, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Putting the White Dress on!

When I left off in the updates we were all made up and hair did and my maids were dressed. Now it was time for me to get that white, on in my case, cream, dress on!

A few gratuitous shots of the dress...
I know the straps look all short, but the dress has a portrait neckline.

Oh! I have to show off my garter. We did not do a garter toss, so I only wore one garter, but the set I ordered came with two.
The toss garter.

The real garter!

Have you noticed how I am sporting the OU jersey in all these day off pictures? Remember, that big game was going on! I had to show my support for my soon-to-be-hubby's team of choice! I decided to also show that support through my garter. When he did see the garter later on, he loved it.

On to getting into the dress...
This is my "I can't believe y'all just laced the dress up the wrong way, I am getting sweaty here" face, nice, right?

Finally lacing it the right way!

I really like this picture, minus the super messy bed!

More lipstick!

Garter from the Esty shop of Garters by Kristi. (I had her make mine with cream organza instead of black.)

Up next, lets check on those boys!


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