Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Gifts to Each Other

During the whole getting time ready Robert and I sent gifts to each other. I really wanted to do something super special for Robert, after all he got me a beautiful ring to begin with! I knew that the traditional wedding gift from the bride to the groom is a watch, but Robert is not really a Rolex type of guy, ha, like I could even afford a Rolex anyways! For as long as I have known him he has worn a thick leather type watch so I decided I wanted to get him a new nice leather watch.

Quite a few months before the wedding I stumbled across the Etsy shop of Leather Made Nice and ordered Robert this wristband:

Authentic Hair-On Brown/White Cowhide Wristband

They make belts, luggage tags, bracelets, key chains, all sorts of things. So, I sent a message to one of the owners of the shop, Anne, and told her what I wanted and asked if she thought it was something they could do. She responded to me that she did think it was and that her husband already had a leather template for a watch band all I would have to do is find the watch face. After much searching, I finally found the one I wanted on The Virtual Touch. I ordered it and had it shipped to Anne. And a few weeks later, after going back and forth on some details, my watch was ready!

It's great, right?

It was sooo hard to not give this to Robert as soon as it came in. The outside has leather lacing up the side and our wedding swirl design on it. (I promise, I will explain how we came to settle on this design for the wedding in another post!)

The inside has the first line from the Dante Alighieri reading we had my aunt read at the wedding (again, I promise I will share the whole reading, it will make you tear up!), our initials and wedding date.

"Remember tonight for it is the beginning of always. R+M 10•17•09"

I also ordered some cuff-links for his gift.

Lone Star Beer Cuff-Links

Here are a few pictures of him opening the gifts...

Notice his OU shirt too!

Melanie took these pictures and told me that when he pulled it out he said "hey! it has our wedding logo on it!" Made me laugh.

Then it was my turn! Please excuse these pictures, I was in the middle of getting my hair pouffed!

He got me the Open Heart necklace and earrings. I had been wearing the same necklace for about 7 years and had mentioned on and off how I wanted a new necklace but could never decide on anything. Needless to say, I love it and I wear it every day.


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