Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flower Girl Dresses

(Robert, skip this one.)

Who knew finding flower girl dresses would be much much harder than finding my dress!?!

I guess my biggest issue is that I can not decide how much I want the dress to match my dress. I have found TONS of cute options but half of them are made out of silk, satin, organza or tulle. Well, my dress is made out of taffeta and my maid's dresses are made out of cotton and I feel like the flower girl dress needs to kind of match one of those. But, if I decide on a cotton dress can I do it in ivory or does it need to be in brown like the maid's dresses? If I do decide brown cotton will it look weird if it doesn't match the maid's dresses enough?

Am I just being crazy? Yeah, probably that one!

Well, I know what you are all here for... PICTURES!

Of course when I first started looking I checked out Alfred Angelo to see what they would have to match my dress. This was the best they had.

  • I know I can get the dress and sash colors to match my dress EXACTLY, which is a small comfort.
  • Same fabric as my dress.
  • The v-neck semi matches my dress.

  • Is it too springy? (I know, I know, I'm in Texas where October is likely to be 90 degrees still.)
  • Price. They do not list the exact price but those three flowers next to it mean it's less than $150 but more than $125. Uh, no thanks.

  • Has a sash to match my dress. (I would remove the bow on the front and replace the current sash with a sash in my colors.)
  • Again, the crisscross neck kind of matches my dress.
  • Well priced at $55.
  • Seems like I would be doing a lot of altering to the dress.
  • The fabric is called "shantone" but if you look at the brown dress on their site, I think it could be close enough to taffeta.

Another one from the Briar Patch.

  • I can get the sash in a color to match my colors.
  • Only $64.

  • Again its that "shantone" material.


  • REALLY, REALLY matches my dress, style wise at the top.
  • Only $59

  • The color says ivory, but it sure does look darker than ivory...
  • The fabric is straight up satin, no pretending like that matches taffeta.

  • Super cute eyelet fabric.
  • $59

  • It's cotton, does that matter?


I could take a cue from Miss. Cowboy Boot over on Weddingbee and commission a custom dress from Etsy seller AngelWear.

  • So pretty and fits in quite well with our rustic country theme.
  • On the major cheap as Miss. Cowboy Boot only paid $28!!

  • There is no eyelet anywhere else in the wedding, does that matter?
  • Is it too casual?

Ok, so what do you think? Do you like any of my options? Do you have any other suggestions?

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  1. I just wanted to post a quick comment because, as a flower girl dress designer, I have been Walking Down the Aisle since 1982 and give help whenever I can to brides. Your question: ...'can I do it in ivory or does it need to be in brown like the maid's dress' is a question we get all the time from brides. Our philosphy at Pegeen is ANYTHING BUT A WHITE DRESS. This is your day, you should shine. Let the flower girl compliment or match the maids. And while I understand that price is an issue (our type of silk dresses complete with color choice, sleeves, and crinoline) is, because it comes directly from our US based factory, still runs about 40% less than our competition. All said and done, as a mom myself, I would pay more for my child to look great and purchasing a dress in a color means I am thinking - yep, she will use this in her school concert (or fill in the blank) this year, whereas a white/ivory dress means definately WEDDING and I won't be able to get use out of it, even for church.

    Hope my comments help. You can also visit our blog, linked from our website as well which is dedicated to help for the busy bride and moms.

    Marg Hyland, President