Friday, February 24, 2012

Sadie's 1st Birthday Party

In a word Sadie's first birthday was... awesome. In another word it was... exhausting! But it was all worth it. She had a great time, there were no meltdowns, there was no constant clinging to me, like at Christmas. I didn't eat any ziti or cake until after it was all over and Sadie was getting a bath, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I have very few regrets, one is that I just didn't get to spend enough time with everyone who took time out of their busy weekends to come celebrate with us. My other main regret is that I did not get any pictures of Sadie with any of her family, for example, I don't have any pictures of Sadie with her Gigi or Mimi on her first birthday. That's kind of a bummer, but oh well, I wasn't thinking about that at the time so no point in dwelling on it.

On to the pictures! Prepare yourself, I had 86 pictures saved to post on here I've narrowed it down to 55.

Sadie slept until 9:30am the morning of the party. This was actually pretty nice since that meant she would go back down for a nap around 11:30am. Normally her naps on the weekend are about an hour long, that day she decided to sleep for over two hours! She was just waking up and getting dressed as guests were starting to arrive, plus a lot of our family was already there. So, she went from a house of only a few people to a house full! That's why she had such a serious look on her face at the beginning. She was also battling a pretty bad flareup of her eczema so her cheeks look pretty bad in some of these images.
Who are all these people, momma?
Little bit better shot of her shirt.
Thing started getting better once she had a bottle... all the cool kids drink their bottle upside down, dontcha know?
Please, no photos while I am drinking.
I set up this whole drink and cupcake station on one of my desk pieces. I think it turned out pretty good. Not to mention the smash cake and cupcakes turned out AWESOME.
Those drink containers from our wedding came in handy.
The "post" are just paper straws and I made the bunting on my Silhouette.
I made the cupcake stand using stuff from Goodwill and spray paint.
Pink Lemonade Cupcakes
Here are a few pictures of some of the other decorations we put up. Just like I told you all, I didn't go as crazy as I wanted to. The only balloons we ended up having were on the fence outside to mark our house and I didn't use any of the paper pom poms I had.

I printed out one picture from each of her monthly pictures and sewed them onto fabric, similar to the invite. I also put her birth announcement and our Christmas card up there. Look! Those logs were from my wedding too!
My brother and I spent the morning hanging the ruffled streamers from my ceiling beams.
Note to self: use packing tape next time and not scotch tape.
After everyone arrived we all settled in to eat! I did go on and have my co-worker caterer make the ziti, we had a ton left over! Which was nice, Robert and I ate on the rest of one pan for a week and then we froze a whole other pan. Sadie quite enjoyed herself during lunch.
I'll say it again, I love this picture.
She was really hamming it up and showing off/smiling for everyone. It was cute.
We set up two tables outside for folks to sit at too. Thankfully it was just a little chilly and not freezing or raining! A lot of the guys ended up spending the whole party outside. Robert even snuck out there during the present opening!

Really? You're taking a picture while I get my diaper changed? So embarrassing.
After lunch we moved on to the most important part of any birthday party (or the second most if you are a cake person!) PRESENTS!
As you can see, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family.
I did make the dogs the bow tie collar cover, but sadly have no pictures of them.
Yay!!!! Presents!!
Nothing like a little baby giving the bird to everyone!
What's in here?
Showing off!
Sadie got her first purse!
Time for a juice break!
Oooooh, what's this?
Her model pose.
Hudson was fascinated by those socks, he took a bite of them .5 seconds later.
I need a break.
Not letting the paper and boxes get in her way!
The aftermath!
After the present opening my friend took some pictures of Sadie, Robert and I, but I'll post those at a later date in a separate post.

Finally it was time for the big event... CAKE!
WHAT is going on, Daddy?
Oooh, what's that, momma?
For me?
Clapping at the end of us singing "Happy Birthday".
The first touch.
The first taste.
This is fun!
Me actually trying to give her some of the CAKE part.
I failed, the icing was way more fun.
Aww,in the ear, really Sadie?
nom nom nom
She didn't eat much of it, and I think she started to get frustrated that it was sticking to her hands, she would start shaking them to shank the cake off, but it wouldn't come off.
In the end she had it all over her face, the way it should be.
I don't know if anyone noticed her hat on some of the pictures, but here are a few closed ups of it.


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