Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Sadie

My little Sadiekins, you are not a toddler yet. So, can you please stop throwing temper tantrums when momma takes something away from you. At least give me this last month and handful of days, please?

And maybe try and consider that when momma takes something away from you it might be for you own good... like the sock you were happily shoving down your throat last night on the car ride home until you started choking on it, or the little hair clip you decided would surely TASTE way better than it looks in you cute blond bangs. Hmm, maybe momma is really thinking about your safety, just maybe.

And for the LOVE OF EVERYTHING, can you please LEAVE THE DOG FOOD OUT OF YOUR MOUTH? Maybe we can compromise, you leave the dog food alone and I will let you chew on your socks for an extra thirty seconds, sound good? I've never seen a baby crawl as fast as you do when you have a piece of dog food in your mouth and I am chasing you to fish it out, I can only imagine the trouble I am in for when you can run away from me!

Thank you for taking my requests into consideration.

Your loving momma.

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