Monday, March 14, 2011

This Texas Baby: Baby Shower

So I am like 4 months late in posting these photos but eh, better late than never right?

My baby shower was held at the beginning of December at my boss's house. It was hosted by my boss's wife Tammy, the accountant/bookkeeper for my company Doreen, Robert's co-worker's wife and my friend Darcy and my friend and co-worker Melanie.
Tammy, Darcy, Me, Doreen, Melanie

The food was provided by Cindy, my company's traffic person, she also has a catering business.
Cindy and I
The food was AWESOME. Here, look at it:
Asparagus wrapped in pastry dough

Chicken Salad Croissants

Ham Salad Sandwichs (I think!)

Amazing cheese crackers

Pasta Salad

Fruit Plate with Amazing Di

Yummy Sangria Punch

The decorations were amazing! It was pink and brown everywhere. There were ribbons tied to everything. Pink paper poms were hanging up. Even the Christmas tree had pink tulle on it! Here are just a few photos:
General overview of the room. That's the "sugar & spice" banner I have hanging up in her room.
Closer up of the banner.
Also, now in Sadie's room. Darcy bought hot pink letters at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them light pink and then sanded them a little to the hot pink showed through.
Pretty flowers that were everywhere.

Here I am opening some of the presents:
Robert CAN NOT WAIT for her to wear this.
It says "Made in Texas" considering Robert and I are HUGE Texans this went over well.
It's a pink monster hooded towel. I love this thing, I almost bought it every time I went to Target before my shower!
This is me asking Melanie if she wants to take the bow home for her cat to play with!
Duck hooded towel.
Texas Rangers 101 board book. Robert went to several of their world series run games during the fall so he was excited about this.
In the back of the book you can insert a picture of the baby! (Ehh, sorry for the CREEPY look.)
Darcy brought a whole bunch of stuff to decorate onesies with, I think this was super fun! I would highly recommend this as an alternative to your normal shower games. She brought paint and print outs of different things that you could either use as a stencil or cut out with fabric that she then ironed on and sewed around. Here are just a few of the ones made:
Melanie made this one.
My friend Cari made this one. She called Sadie "bonus Mere" the whole time I was preggos.
Tammy made this one. One of our dogs name is Hudson and Tammy's kid's name is Hudson (name came from my dog!) and it is still a secret as to which Hudson she was referring!
But, we all know the star of the party was the CAKE! Holy cow, that cake was amazing. Melanie ordered it from Swedish Hill Bakery in Austin. If you are having any sort of party in the Austin area, I would highly recommend a cake from there, soooo good!
They matched it to the shower invite.
I am VERY excited about it!

Well, that's about it. As much as I was down on the whole shower thing to begin with I really enjoyed it. My only complaint was how stinking hot it was that day! I had a super cute sweater dress I wanted to wear with tights and boots but of course it ended up being one of those 80ยบ + days we had in December, way to hot for a pregnant lady to be in a sweater dress!


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