Sunday, March 27, 2011

List Love

Five baby related things I love right now:

Having this app saved me during those trying weeks at the beginning. It helped me keep track of when and for how long Sadie nursed. It was also nice for keeping track of dirty diapers.
My arms and shoulders are so grateful for this thing. I took it with me to the hospital, best decision ever. I even have that cover for it!

Summer SwaddleMe Blankets
I love swaddling Sadie for bedtime. Since her arm movements are uncontrollable for the most part anytime we tried to put her to bed without it she would wake herself up with her flailing arms. These help keep everything under control.

Not the exact one we have, but close enough. We got this seat as a hand-me-down from my aunt and uncle and it has been a LIFE SAVER, Sadie freaking loves it! If she is fussy and we have tried feeding her, changing her, cuddling her and nothing is working this seat will work 95% of the time, it's magic. We have another bouncing seat, which she likes, but just not as much as the vibrating one, which is a bummer because Robert and I were so excited about the bouncing one!

Pee only nighttime diapers
Man, there was a time at the beginning that it felt like every diaper we changed was a poopy diaper and that sucked during the middle of the night. We had to turn on more lights to make sure we got everything cleaned up which woke Sadie up more, which made it harder to get her back to sleep. Not to mention cleaning a poopy diaper is a lot harder than cleaning a pee diaper! She has finally transitioned out of that phase and usually will only have 2-3 poopy diapers a day. Don't get me wrong, there are some days where it feels like every diaper is a poopy diaper, but generaly we are in the clear at night.

Four non-baby related things I love right now:

Dr. Pepper Ten
So good. Perfect combination between Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper.
CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara 
Now I am not a huge makeup person. I am totally fine leaving the house with none on, except for mascara. I have to have mascara. I have really blond eyelashes, so if I don't have on mascara I look like I have no eyelashes. I've caught myself a few times since Sadie was born leaving the house with out any on and it's scary. This is great mascara, go buy some.

Bath & Body Works Carried Away Shower Gel and Lotion
Showers are pretty much the only "me time" I get these days, so I like a sent that smells nice and carries me away, if you will.

How I Met Your Mother Reruns on Lifetime
I've never watched HIMYM before but I started watching it in reruns on Lifetime. One word, addicted. I want to join Netflix again just so I can catch up to the current season that is on CBS!
Three pre-baby things I miss:

Being able to watch a television show all the way through without having to pause it.

Sleeping in past 8:30 on the weekends.

It not taking 30 minutes to make sure we have everything when we want to leave the house.

Two post-baby things that make losing those pre-baby things it worth it:

First, I can only pick two!?! Ok, here are my top two:
 Snuggling with Saide after a feeding when she is all drowsy.

Watching this little human that has been entrusted to me grow and change every day.

One thing that gets me through every day:

He is my best friend, my husband, the father to my baby. He is my rock. I really don't think I could of gotten through these last six weeks with anyone else. I am so excited to see what the rest of our lives brings to us.


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