Wednesday, March 9, 2011

After the birth

I was looking through pictures that Robert's mom took during Sadie's birth to see if there was one I felt comfortable posting, haha, sadly there really isn't! But! I do have some pictures of after the birth I am ok with posting!

Look at how fast her little hand is moving, it's just a blur!
Robert holding her for the first time.
Getting her first bath!
Our first family picture. (Ignore how icky I look!)
After I held Sadie for a few minutes the nurse took her to get her wiped off, weighed, measured and all that stuff while the doctor finished with me. Once all that was done and over with the 3 of us were left alone for a good little while. I remember thinking how quiet it was, after all the noise and commotion of the birth it was nice to have the quiet, although it just made me realize how tired I was! The lactation consultant came in and helped us establish breastfeeding, which seemed to start off great. After an hour or so of alone time the nurse came in and got Sadie to take her to the nursery for a bath and other things. This also gave me time to start getting up, go to the bathroom etc.

Another nurse came in to remove my catheter and help me get up and go to the bathroom. Someone told me this while I was pregnant, and I totally agree now, that first pee after having the baby is amazing, like the best pee ever. Haha, so weird, but so true! After so many months of having to pee every 5 minutes and always feeling like I had pee I finally felt empty. The nurse went through the fun new bathroom routine I would have to use for the next few days and then helped steady me as I walked back to bed.

A few hours later, after moving rooms, my mom arriving and hanging out with my new little girl some more I was ready for a shower. It was great too, also great, shaving my legs during that shower!

I almost hate talking about how easy I feel like my recovery was, I don't want anyone to take it as me saying "oh look at me, look at me, I had it so good!" but at the same time I do want to talk about it because I feel like a lot of the birth stories I read while pregnant were pretty bad and focused on a lot of the negatives. Maybe I was just reading the wrong stories! So, yes, I feel like I bounced back pretty quick and easy from the birth. The nurses were coming to me every 6 hours with Motrin and offerings of hydrocodone. The Motrin I never refused and I only took the hydrocone twice. The after pains of my uterus contracting back down were a little painful, close to the early contractions of labor, especially during or after breastfeeding, but the Motrin helped with that a lot. By the time I got home I was pretty much off all pain meds except for the occasional Tylenol I would take to help with those after pains. I never felt soreness or pain in my baby birthing parts and I was not scared for my first BM (which happened pain free, in case you were wondering!).

I am so thankful I did not have to have a c-section, I can not imagine a better physical recovery from childbirth than what I had. I know if a c-section would of happened it would of been fine and I would of recovered the best that I could but I loved being able to walk and move around freely without a twinge of pain.

Now, don't go thinking I have had everything amazingly easy... two days after we got home we ran into a problem we are still battling.


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