Friday, January 22, 2010

This Texas Wedding: The days before

During my whole wedding planning process I read Weddingbee religiously. I came to notice that every bee had a "title" for their wedding recaps, so I have decided to follow along that theme. And what fits better with This Texas Life than This Texas Wedding! So, lets start!

Robert and I both took off work the Thursday and Friday before the wedding. Thursday was pretty calm, well as calm as it can be 2 days before a wedding! (I had stayed up until 5am Thursday morning working on assembling the programs and some other last minute things. As late as that sounds it went by pretty quickly, however I do not recommend this!) We ran to San Antonio to pick up the tuxes, I'm sure we made a trip to Lowes and a few other odds and ends. My parents and brother and Robert's brother came into town that day. Haha, I remember sending my mom back to their hotel room with programs to finish up!

Friday started off early. 6am to be precise, wanna know why? Cause that's when the port-a-potties were being delivered. So, bleary eyed we stumbled out to the driveway to direct where the facilities needed to go. After showering and getting dressed we headed back into town to finish up a few more errands. This is when we noticed it was cloudy and damp. Quick back story, so after record breaking droughts in Texas all summer, October was making up for it. Every weekend the month leading up the wedding was miserable. But when we kept checking the weather everything said that the 17th was going to be amazing. So we did not let the weather get us down!

Once we got back home the sun was shinning, it was cool and everything was looking great! While Robert and his brother headed to go buy new boots for the brother, my mom and I started setting up centerpiece boxes. This is a really good idea, especially if you are not going to be around to oversee the table set up or are not doing it the night before. What we did was we took a banana box for each table and put everything that needed to go on that table in it. While doing this Rebecca arrived and the rental company arrived with all the tables and chairs!

We rolled all the tables to the yard.

We started setting up the buffet tables on the porch.

Around this time Darcy, our amazing DOC/friend, arrived. So, after giving her a quick run down of what all was going on it was time for me to go shower and get ready for the rehearsal!

How much setting up work did you get done the days leading up to your wedding?


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