Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Groom Style

So, things are coming down to the wire, less than two months people, two months! And we have still yet to 100% decide on what Robert and his men are going to wear for the wedding. At first we were set with one of two suit rentals from Al's Formal Wear


Robert's vest/tie would be in a champagne/ivory color and the men's would be in a red color. We can rent EVERYTHING for about $117 per suit. I thought this was a pretty good deal. But then Robert said we should just have everyone buy a brown suit, that way they would have it forever. I agree that that is a great idea, but then I get all nervous about everything matching and what are we going to get for the vests/ties? I mean we could take it as far as telling them go to this store and buy these pants and this vest but I hate telling people what to do also!

So, I did the next best thing, I started looking at groom inspiration pictures!

From Once Wed:

I am loving the jacket lessness off all these images! Especially with the dark vets. But is that weird to not have the jackets on during the ceremony? I can totally see that during the reception but the ceremony is what has me slightly worried. At the same time though, I want our wedding to be super casual and laid back and fun!

Ok, I think I just need to show this post to Robert and see what he thinks. Hopefully we can get something figured out this weekend!

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