Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No moon

I was inspired by a post on Weddingbee today to check out what the moon was going to be like on October 17th, our wedding day. Since our ceremony and reception will be outside and we are already pretty far away from the city lights, I thought it would be nice to have a full moon or at least some moon. Well, I boogied on over here and entered October 2009.

Sigh, October 17th is at the beginning of a new moon, which means no moon.

Now, I knew I wanted to get some outdoor string lights for the wedding and to have in general. I love the way white twinkle lights look up in trees at night time. I think the first time really remember noticing how much I loved that was my freshman year of college. It was one of the first few weekends into the semester and I decided to stay in San Marcos instead of going home or to see friends. The dorms were dead quiet and I was bored, actually Rebecca and I were bored. She stuck around that weekend too. I remeber calling my parents up and asking them what could we do and they suggested that we go to Gruene and walk around and eat at the Gristmill. Well after many searches on Green, TX, we finally found Gruene, TX and figured out where it was. So, we hopped in my Paseo and drove on down to Gruene. I remeber getting out of the car and going "where the hell are we". But it ended up being a great day stopping at all the shops and at the end of it we ate at the Gristmill, where of course we had to wait, it was a Saturday night after all. I just remember sitting there and staring up at the white lights in and on the trees thinking "I want this".

See, so pretty.

Along the way in my wedding research, I have decided (at the moment) I want carnival lights. Probably with normal Christmas lights wrapped around the trees.



After much searching, I found these two options

(Option One)

(Option two)

I have since decided that those may be too commercial for our backyard. Luckily, that same website has a TON more options in smaller lengths. For example this set

The strand is 100' long with 12" between the bulbs and is $29.95. You buy the bulbs separately, the one I showed up there is a 2” in diameter bulb, slightly larger than a golf ball and they run $0.95 each. Roughly that all ads up to $125 for 100' of lights. The only down side to this is that you can not connect the ends to more lights. Each strand needs its own power outlet.

There is also this option


This strand is 16' long, also with 12" of spacing between the lights. The bulbs are still 2" in diameter but they come already attached. This strand runs $23.95. Oh, and you can connect up to 3 strands together (I don't know what happens if you do more then 3). If you can only connect up to 3 strands together that is only 48'. Which makes the first set the better buy, plus the first strand is cheaper over all. I would need 7 sets of strand two to match the length of strand one which adds up to roughly $170. Almost $50 more than strannd one! But if I can connect more then 3 strands together, strand two might win.

I guess what I need to do is figure out how many feet of lights I need. I really had no idea how to go about doing that when Melanie told me to use string and put it up when all I want lights. I think that will work great. Now, to find time to do it!

I almost hate to include the purchase of these into the wedding budget since we will be getting WAY MORE use out of them than just for the wedding. But, the money has to come from somewhere!
has a ton of fun options for outdoor lighting and their website is pretty easy to get around. Plus, I think their pricing is reasonable, but I have not done much looking elsewhere!


I think Robert would prefer these


Maybe it's a good thing boys don't plan weddings.


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