Monday, May 4, 2009


I wish someone had told me being a home owner was going to be so dang tiring! I feel like my weekends are no longer mine, instead they belong to this 1700 sqft on 3.5 acres house. It's sad when I look forward to Monday morning to RELAX! But as tired as I am, it's a good tired, a ton is getting done!

Last Wednesday (or was it Thursday, the days all blend together) we were in the garage moving some things around to get ready for the big trip to the storage unit and Robert moved the mower to get it angled to where he just had to drive it out of the garage. Well I noticed that one of the tires was super low on air, so what did that mean? Yup, a trip to Lowes to buy a compressor. We also came home with a new grill (it's really nice!).

Anyways, on to the point of this post... after airing the tire up,

and tinkering around

I finally got this:
Yes, I think he is happy.

(This post is brought to you by Robert, who made me promise to try and post every day this week.)


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