Monday, April 9, 2012

The first haircut!

A few weeks ago I decided I had enough with Sadie's hair always being either in her eyes:

or up in a stand up straight ponytail:

or pigtails:
Although, it's hard to deny how cute all of these styles were!

I wasn't really sure were I wanted to take her to get the first big haircut. There are no "kids" places in New Braunfels but I wasn't really sure about taking her to an "adult" salon either. In the end we decided on a kids place in San Antonio called "Pigtails and Crewcuts". Actually, we first stopped at this other kids hair salon, but neither of us were impressed with the quality of the space OR the workers, not to mention it was overwhelming with different movies and video game noises going on, so we bailed. And I am so glad we did. Pigtails and Crewcuts was awesome! The employees were super nice, the space was very clean and well lit. The facility was divided up into a few different spaces, one for smaller kids like Sadie where the seats were airplanes, cars etc and another for older kids with regular salon chairs with attached booster seats. They also had a party room type place where they host "spa" parties and the like.

Anyways, on to the photos! That's what everyone is here for anyways, right?
My crazy haired girl, after her ponytail was taken out.
HATES getting squirted with the water bottle
See? Hates.
Momma? What's going on?

Getting ready for the first cut!

HEY! That's my hair, what are you doing with it?

They actually have a whole "1st haircut package" that includes a lock of hair in a little baggie, a photo they take and print there all in a little paper photo holder with the date and everything. 
What's she doing back there?
I can seeeeee!
This is fun!
Here are some more iphone after shots:
Rocking some cute bangs now!
At Sea World a few weeks later!
Clapping for her new hair (actually clapping for Shamu, but hey it works!)
I have to say I REALLY feel like I have a toddler and not a baby now with the haircut. Makes me a little sad, you think it's too late to glue the hair back on??


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