Monday, December 12, 2011

This Texas Baby: 10 Months

Oh my little Sadiecakes, where is the time going?? A few weeks ago you had a rough evening of falling, and staying, asleep. I think you were just over-tired, I could tell by your super pitiful cry you just wanted to be asleep, but you were having problems. During one of the many times I went into your room to check on and hold you I got super emotional about how fast everything was moving. I was sitting there rocking you and your head was on my shoulder and your bottom was in my lap and all I could think about was how it wasn't that long ago that you fit, head to bottom, just on my chest. Ahh, getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it again. Your daddy thought I was crazy when I came out of your room all red-eyed and asking for hugs. It's ok, he has his moments too!

This last month you celebrated your first Thanksgiving! You weren't feeling the greatest on Thanksgiving afternoon, you were running a temperature and just wanted to sleep, but after some Tylenol and a nap you were muuuuuch better!

You have finally picked up on the whole feeding yourself puffs, toast etc! So now you love eating puffs, and cramming as many of them as you can in your mouth before momma stops you. This also means you have shoved a handful (or two) of dog food into your mouth. Don't worry, you haven't managed to eat any of it yet!

I think you are totally aware of when you have things you should not have, or see something you want that you know we don't let you have. For example, a few weeks ago you spotted leaf on the floor and kicked it into baby high speed crawling to get to it and once you saw me coming after you to get it away you kicked it into baby high speed crawling to get away from me! It cracks me up, sometimes you are crawling so fast your knees slip on the floor so you look like you are crawling in place!

Your favorite thing right now is when I am unloading the dishwasher. You love pulling up on the door and yanking the bottom shelf in and out. You're going to break one of my plates sometime soon I think! You have also been doing your best to climb up onto the door, you've had the one knee up on it for a while, but this morning you managed to get yourself all the way up onto it. Even though this is technically the first day of your 11th month, I'm still going to post it!

You have started doing a little walking when pushing on things. Just a little. I still say you are going to be a late walker. Why walk when crawling has been getting you around great for months now? Here is a little video of you pushing a tub around. Please ignore my weird shaky voice, and the fact that Sadie left her pants at home, and that she only has one sock on...

I introduced chunkier food to you at the beginning of this month and you were not a fan. But now you are on board with this new stuff. You like the spaghetti and tuna with pasta stars!

 I can't tell you how excited I am for your very first Christmas this next month. It's going to be awesome! So far you have completely ignored the Christmas tree, I have a feeling we wont be saying the same this next year!

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  1. She is too cute! I got all teary just reading about your little sentimental moment. I have those all the time. It's just going so fast!