Friday, December 9, 2011

I made a decission...

...on the theme for Sadie's 1st birthday party!

We are going with a sunshine and pink lemonade theme! I really got to thinking about the themes I had it narrowed down to and decided not to do the character ones (Dr. Seuss and sock monkey) because I figure at some point Sadie will stand up and say "I want a (Barbie, Dora, Dr Seuss) party!" and then I will be sick of character birthday parties. Also, by the time her birthday rolls around I imagine we'll of had our fair share of dreary winter days, with more ahead of us, so we'll all be looking for a nice dose of sunshine!

Sidenote: I remember the weekend Sadie was born as being the most beautiful weekend. It was bright and sunshiny, crisp and cool. Just the kind of weekend you wanted to spend outside. Let's hope Mother Nature gives that to us again, as Sadie's birthday gift!

I am so stinking excited about getting everything together for this party. I know she doesn't care about a party, but I do. Plus, let's be honest, this party is WAY MORE for Robert and I to say "hey, look! we kept her alive for a year!" than is it for Sadie.

As excited as I am about it, I am also a little stressed! I felt like I was really ahead of the game when I started thinking about all this months ago, but thinking about it and doing something are two entirely different things! With Christmas on the horizon I foresee January being very busy for me. Perhaps I'll try and take help where I can get it instead of trying to make and do it all myself.

I also hope I am good and keeping you all posted in the planning process!

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