Monday, November 14, 2011

This Texas Baby: 9 Months

Sadie, Sadie, Sadie, what a month this has been! I left you TWICE this month. I managed to survive both. The first time your daddy and I went on road trip to New Orleans to celebrate our anniversary. Your Gigi came to stay with you and from all accounts everything went swimmingly well! The next time I left you was just a week after we got back! Your daddy is a HUGE Oklahoma Sooner fan and are trying to go up to Norman every year for a game, this year we went to see them play Texas A&M and we dropped you off in Arlington to hand out with your great aunts and 2nd cousin (? still not sure if that relation is right.) Again, you did great!

With all of this leaving you I am looking forward to the next few month full of holiday festivities!

Here is my fun bulleted list of your accomplishments:
  • You have graduated from the ducky bathtub to having the whole bathtub to play in. I think this freaks you out a little still so you tend to sit in one place instead of trying to climb out of the tub like you were in the ducky tub.  
  • You're pulling up on EVERYTHING. So far you're not doing much traveling once you pull up and you don't walk with us holding your hands, but you'll get there. I think you might be a late walker, just because you were an early crawler and can get wherever you need to by crawling.
  • We had to lower your crib mattress all the way to the lowest setting. You weren't really in danger of falling out (yet) on the second setting, but we figured better safe than sorry, especially since we have wood floor and not even a little carpet for padding.
  • You decided your crib tasted delicious while your daddy and I were on vacation! So, now there are great teeth marks on the side of your crib. It's ok, we bought these awesome tie-on cover things to help prevent that. Lowering the mattress helps too!
  • You still only have your 2 bottom teeth, although I think your top ones are coming. You've been extra drooly the past few weeks and you have been chewing everything in the front of your mouth.
  • You are still loving he baby food I made for you, you start whine/crying if daddy and I don't get it in your mouth fast enough at dinner. 
  • You have NO desire to feed yourself. You'll hold your mouth open all day for baby food/puffs but if we try and hold one out to you on the palm of our hand you wont touch it. In fact, you've been known to lean over and try and eat it out of our hands!
  • Oh! We took you to the doctor since I started this list and you now weigh in at 18.3 pounds and 28 inches long.
  • We celebrated your 1st Halloween by doing nothing. Please don't hate me for that later in life. I have no problem spending money on you but for some reason I just could not justify spending $30 on a costume that would probably be too hot for you to wear and we weren't even going to go trick or treating! I did make you a pumpkin onesie and tutu to wear to daycare and to the pumpkin patch, you hated the pumpkin patch though so we don't have many great images of that.
  • During the past month from the time we get home till the time you go to bed is a mad dash of making sure I get all your pre-bedtime stuff done all while keeping you from having a major meltdown. I'll delve more into this later.
  • Your allergies are still terrible, but you're such a trooper and never let it get you down. Could just be because you've been like this since you were born! The Zyrtec does seem to help though, sometimes I'll forget it on the weekends and by the end of the day I can tell you are more snotty etc than normal.
Holy cow baby girl, you have some exciting months coming up! Your first Thanksgiving! Your first Christmas! Sniff sniff, then it'll be your first birthday! Just between you and me, can you make these next few months of holidays go by slower than normal? Ok, thanks, momma loves you for that.


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