Monday, November 7, 2011



I experienced my first (and hopefully last) earthquake on Saturday night.

It was nuts.

We were in Norman, OK for the Sooner game, the epicenter was about 60 miles east of us.

It was about 11pm and we were already asleep (because what else is there to do when you are baby free besides catch up on sleep? Go see a movie? Go have a few drinks? Nope, we sleep!) and I woke up to EVERYTHING SHAKING side to side.

Again, it was nuts.

I reached over and woke Robert up with "EARTHQUAKE! It's an earthquake! I think we're having an earthquake!" Great way to wake up right?

It lasted for all of a minute.

But, it was a scary minute.

I always said I would never want to move to California because the idea of earthquakes scare me. That fear was reaffirmed.

Who knew I would have to worry about earthquakes in the middle of Oklahoma!?

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  1. cah-razy! We had a random Earthquake here in CT too a couple of months ago - I didn't even know you COULD have one here.