Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Texas Baby: 5 Months

Ok y'all, this is moving way to fast, and I know I am just going to keep saying that over and over for the next 18+ years. You know what five months means? It means one month until she is six months, which is HALF WAY TO A YEAR!! My brain is so not ready for that.

I would have to say that this month brought out Sadie's personality by leaps and bounds. In my opinion she seems to be a lot like me. It takes her a while to warm up to people but then once she is around you for a little while she is happy as a clam. We go through this process every day at day care:
  • 7:30ish - walk into her class, NO SMILES, keep in mind she has been smiling and talking her head off at me all morning and even as I am getting her out of the truck to go into day care. As soon as one of the ladies tries to talk to her she just gives them a NO SMILES FOR YOU look. My kid, she's serious (much like I was as a baby and still kinda am).
  • 8:00-8:30 - they start doing morning diaper changes and outside time. As soon as they get Sadie on the changing table she becoming a smiling fool! Anyone else's kiddo love the changing table? Sadie has always loved it. What she loves most, next to the changing table, is being outside. They take all the babies outside for about 30 minutes of outside time on blankets before it gets too hot. So after those two fun things Sadie is a happy baby.
  • 5:15ish - By the time I pick her up from day care she is chatting with everyone and tossing out smiles left and right.
She goes through this same process with any new people, gives new person the "who the heck are you" stare down, looks at Robert and I like "what is this person doing with me?" and then warms up and smiles and chats away. This is a lot like me, I have been told on several occasions I come off as a B when people first meet me because I don't talk but then I warm up and we are good. It's kind of a running joke with Robert and I that his friend and family are scared of me because of how quite I was when I first met them.

Sadie also really found her voice this month. It's like one day she realized those baby babblings were coming from her and that she could change the way they sound and direct them. Not to mention change the volume on them, mostly to increase the volume.

I am pretty certain she is about 2.5 minutes away from crawling! She is getting up on her hands and knees and can bring one knee forward but then she just kind of falls and ends up scooting. We have hardwood floors throughout our house so I have a pallet of blankets on the living room floor she practices on, but I think the blankets move too much, which gives her problems. I've noticed she moves a lot better on the rug in her room on just on her mattress in her crib when I put her in there while I go to the bathroom etc.

Miss Sadie May is NOT a napper. A good day for her will be maybe two 30-45 minute naps on her day care report, although I did pick her up one day and they had written down that she napped from 12:00 to 12:05... kid you not. Really, don't write down a FIVE MINUTE NAP, that's not a nap. She does a little bit better on the weekends if we are at home and she is napping in her crib in the dark, a little, but not much. On the bright side she is still a pretty excellent night time sleeper. She goes down between 6:30 and 7:00pm (I can put her down pretty awake and she doesn't fuss, how awesome is that?!) and normally wakes up around 3am to be fed again (I'll discuss this in a future post) and then I normally wake her up around 6:30am.

We still aren't doing much in the way of cereal/solids, I am thinking of skipping the cereal stage and going straight to veggie purees, maybe I'll toss some oatmeal in. As a working mom I feel this is a hard thing to get going, again I am working on a post about this too.

I'm planning on taking Sadie's 5 month pictures this weekend so I'll try and post them next week, but we all know that's probably not going to happen. I have gotten terrible at keeping up with photos.

Next month: conquer sitting up!


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