Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 trash bags and 2 boxes

That is how much crap I cleaned out of my closet on Sunday. Don't worry it's all going to get donated. But common, 4 trash bags full of clothes and 2 boxes full of shoes. It's a little redic. I was pretty brutal on cleaning out my closet though, I even tackled that stash of clothes every girl has at the back that are "I might fit in these again"... yeah, GONE. I decided I was sick of living with a closet full of "mights". Even if the pants fit me I still tossed them if I was not comfortable in them. I did keep a few things that were on the verge of getting tossed and decided when I wear them, if I hate them they are going straight into a donate pile, no more getting tossed in the hamper to be washed and then hung back up again. The sad part is a lot of the clothes would probably fit me if I lost like 10 pounds. But I know myself and I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon, plus if I somehow manage to lose 10 pounds I will make myself wait and lose 20 before buying new clothes. I have been back down to my pre-pregnancy weight for a while now and I am comfortable with that, so I have decided to start buying clothes for what fits me, not what I want to fit me.

Ok, just a quick post so I can at least say I posted this week!

PS: ReneƩ that commented on my birth announcements, thanks for the comment! I tried to see if you had a blog, I always love to see other peoples paper crafts, but didn't see one, let me know if you have one!


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