Monday, February 7, 2011

This Texas Baby: The Nursery!

I figured I should do a quick nursery show off! We based everything around this bedding we found at Buy Buy Baby. Three of the walls are painted an apple green color and one is painted a chocolate brown. After looking through the pictures I took I realized that I did not take any pictures to where you could see the brown wall! I will have to try and take one of those. The banner above the window says "sugar & spice" and is from my shower... hmm still never posted about the shower did I?

Looking into the room from the door. It's a teeeny room, but I think we did great with the space.
Closer up view of the tree and chair. Love, love, love that tree.
Another view of the tree.
This deer is on the other side of the dresser/changing table/hutch. Took us forever to figure out where to put it! (Blurry picture, sorry!)
View of the crib with the "S" that Robert cut out above it.
Hutch/changing table.
Close up view of the bedding.

Uhh, pretty sure she already has more clothes than Robert and I combined!

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  1. It looks fantastic!!!! Totally my style. :) I love the wall color and the cute tree. Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Sadie!!!! That was one of my top picks, but unfortunately my hubby had a dog named Sadie growing up. And, no, you never posted about the shower. :) Got any time today? You're running out!!!