Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Texas Baby: Week 31 Check-In

BABY'S TASK FOR THE WEEK: Baby girl, you are getting so big! You are weighing in at over 3 pounds by now, but what's crazy is that weight will double plus some in the next two months, I hope my belly can take it! Also, your grip is getting stronger and stronger, you could probably grip my finger tightly if you were born now.

SYMPTOMS: Weird charlie horse/side stitch like pain under my belly. It's suuper weird feeling. I think it is just my uterus stretching and growing and stuff, but I am not 100% sure. I am going to the dr today and I plan on asking her about it then.

CURRENT MOOD: Worried about how everything is going to be once you are here. Not how much I am going to love you or anything like that. But just worried about how I am going to manage everything (you, the house, your daddy, work, cooking, laundry, etc) after you are here and especially once I go back to work. I read in one of my books that no will ever be able to do it all, do it all well and do it all now, that all I can do is decide which of those above things can suffer. What's sad is the one thing that I feel like can suffer really can not, I am talking about work. It would be a significant blow to our income if your mama stopped working. How many places do you read that these days? I feel like most pregnancy blogs/baby blogs say that daycare will cost as much as the mom brings home. For you daddy and me it will only cost about 1/4th of my monthly income, so see does not make sense for me to stop working. Plus, I am a huge believer in daycare! I really think in the end I will really enjoy having work as MY time but who knows, that might all change once I see your face. I am hoping that your daddy will start picking up some of the slack with cooking, cleaning and laundry but your momma is crazy and likes to have everything done NOW and you daddy is not like that. Ok, I need to stop going on about this or I will stress myself out. It will all be ok and we will get it all figured out!

THIS WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY FINISHED HOMEWORK:  Ha, between last and now I found a rug for your room! The original rug I wanted for your room ended up being WAY too busy for the space. So last night I headed to my favorite place, Target, and found a nice neutral shag rug that I think looks perfect in there.

NEXT WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY HOMEWORK: Go to our second and last Childbirth class this weekend. This is the one where we get to take a tour of the hospital, so we are super excited about that! Cleaning up the house from all the tissue paper and bags from the baby shower. Probably more getting ready for Christmas stuff than getting ready for baby stuff!

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  1. When are we going to get to see a picture of the mom to be?!?!?