Monday, December 6, 2010

This Texas Baby: Week 30 Check-In

(Just a note: I am going to move the day that I post my updates to the start day of that week, for example, tomorrow I will bet at 31 weeks 0 days so I plan on posting another update tomorrow. I imagine today's and tomorrow's update will be very similar!)
BABY'S TASK FOR THE WEEK: You're getting your smarts! Your brain is developing all those grooves and indentations increase surface area, meaning more room for that oh-so-essential brain tissue which prepares you for life out here and the street smarts you will need.

SYMPTOMS: The urge to pee all the freaking time! It's almost like a UTI, you feel like you have to pee so so so bad and you go and it is NOTHING. I get mad several times a day with this, as in "are you kidding me? That's all I had to pee?!?" And I know I am just going to be back in the bathroom in the next 45 minutes! Thankfully, I am able to go most nights all the way through without having to get up and go, I am so so thankful for that.

CURRENT MOOD: HOLY THIRD TRIMESTER! When did you get here? Can we slow things down just a little? I am so excited and ready for you to be here little girl but at the same time I need just a little more time to get things 100% ready for you! Will I ever really be ready for you? I doubt it, but still, how about we agree that you keep cooking until at least February 8th, a week or so longer would be ok with me too!

THIS WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY FINISHED HOMEWORK: Baby shower = done! I had so much fun at my shower, I know I was kind of down on it all last week, but it ended up being a lot of fun. Plus, you came away with a ton of loot! We also got all you clothes hung/folded. I think you have PLENTY to last you for the first few months.

NEXT WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY HOMEWORK: Figure out where to store all that loot you got for the next two months. We know that our living room is going to become babyfied after you get here so we are not ready to put stuff out there yet. We might just have a stack of stuff piled in your room or on the guest bed.


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